14 Local Coffee Shops Where You Can Get Work Done

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Have work to do but keep getting distracted at home? We’ve rounded up a list of several coffee shops where you’ll stay motivated and focused.


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1/ MoKaBe’s 
With multiple Wi-Fi connections, you’ll never get stuck in a clogged network. Plus, it’s open until midnight every day of the week. Sit upstairs for a quieter atmosphere.
3606 Arsenal, Tower Grove South

2/ Hartford Coffee Company
Their main space can get a little busy for work, but there’s a quiet room with classical music playing at the back of the patio if you need more focus.
3974 Hartford St., Tower Grove South

3/ The Mud House
Cherokee Street’s coziest coffee shop has delicious food to keep you motivated through lunch and an intimate patio for nice weather.
2101 Cherokee St., Marine Villa

4/ Café Ventana
With comfortable couches, a homey and well-lit space and menu items that accommodate any diet, you can easily get work done here.
3919 West Pine Blvd., Central West End

5/ Rise
Sit upstairs for more space, comfortable seating and eclectic decor.
4180 Manchester Ave., The Grove

6/ Restituo 
This Shaw gem makes you feel like you walked into a quirky New Yorker’s home. Post up here for the good Wi-Fi, good food and a welcoming atmosphere.
4100 Shenandoah Ave., Shaw

7/ Blueprint Coffee
Blueprint Coffee serves some of the most precisely brewed coffee in the city. The simple, modern decor feels relaxed while you work and the baristas are fun to watch when you need a break.
6225 Delmar Blvd., Delmar Loop

8/ Comet Coffee
Some of the best coffee in the city! Grab a house-baked pastry when you need an extra energy boost.
5708 Oakland Ave., Forest Park

9/ Kitchen House Coffee
This neighborhood coffee shop offers half-off a featured menu item every Wednesday, and they prepare meals with produce from their own farm.
3149 Shenandoah Ave., Compton Heights

10/ Northwest Coffee Roasting Company
House-roasted coffee beans, two locations and a breakfast and lunch menu. What more could you want for a day of productivity?
8401 Maryland Ave., Clayton
4251 Laclede Ave., Central West End

11/ Coffee Cartel
The coffee shop in the heart of Central West End stays open 24/7. You can work there even when you get those late night sparks of motivation.
2 Maryland Plaza, Central West End

12/ Stone Spiral Coffee
Need to take a break from your projects and get some outside inspiration? Skim through the books in the free lending library.
2500 Sutton Blvd., Maplewood

13/ Foam
Foam is a great place to work during the day. Grab a coffee or a beer to get the boost you need to start and keep going.
3359 S Jefferson Ave., Gravois Park

14/ Mississippi Mud Coffee Roasters
Half coffee shop, half art gallery, Mississippi Mud provides a relaxed and creative environment to keep you motivated.
1223 Pine St., Downtown

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