10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day This Friday

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Coming up this Friday, April 27, is Arbor Day, during which we celebrate the value of nature’s ubiquitous unsung heroes: trees.  We’ve gathered some options for how you can pay tribute to Mother Nature.

Plant a tree
While events and celebrations for Arbor Day abound—as they have been in Missouri since 1886—the real heart of this day is about taking an action as simple and life-affirming as planting a tree. Whether it’s in your neighborhood or backyard, it’s an act that carries positive reverberations well beyond what can immediately be seen. Be sure to visit this tree-planting guide on the official Arbor Day website for instructions.

Attend the St. Charles Arbor Day Celebration
This year’s Arbor Day Celebration in St. Charles, Missouri, will be held at the beautiful Blanchette Park on Friday, April 27. The city’s oldest park has an aquatic center as well as open fields for sports and games, plus several picnic shelters. The event will include a tree-planting ceremony and free saplings awarded to the first 100 attendees.

Share some tree statistics
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “The net cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.”  Trees can also increase the value of your home, and they can even significantly decrease air conditioning costs when strategically placed for shade. Learn about more statistics and share to raise awareness.

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Photo courtesy of Wendy Garner.

Donate to the Arbor Day Foundation
Feel good about how you’re spending your money with a donation to the noble Arbor Day Foundation, a nonprofit that seeks to protect and care for trees in the U.S., especially in areas where tree populations have been damaged or destroyed. This vital work to protect the environment pays off in many ways, and every dollar counts.

Become an Arbor Day Foundation Member
Memberships cost only $10-15, and you get 10 free flowering trees sent right to your door when you join. From oak to eastern redbud trees or white dogwood and white pine, you can custom-choose your assortment. Members also receive online nursery discounts, a subscription to the magazine Arbor Day and a copy of “The Tree Book.”

Invest in some tree-care products
Treat your inner green thumb and your plants to some top-of-the-line items to make sure your trees are properly watered and cared for. You could try out the 15-gallon Ooze Tube Watering System, which allows you to easily water your tree for maximum efficiency and absorption. Also have a look at the tree gator and root maker knit bag.

Brush up on your knowledge of tree-care
Trust us—it’s more complicated than just digging a hole. To increase the rate of your sapling’s survival, be sure to recap the basics of tree-watering, planting, pruning and how to select appropriate native tree species for your area. Arbor Day’s official website also has excellent resources to learn the importance of mulch, as well has how to identify common tree illnesses.

Volunteer with a conservation organization
If you’re on a budget or in a non-permanent residence, volunteering with a local conservation organization or subset of the Arbor Day organization is the perfect way to help the cause. It’s easy to research opportunities in your area where you can help plant, water and care for trees in your community.

Give the gift of tree seedlings
Seedlings are a lovely gift, especially during the spring season. Friends and family will appreciate the thoughtful gesture as well as watching the final result: a sapling begin to sprout. Tree species available as seedling gifts include: Colorado blue spruce, Norway spruce, Arizona cypress, ponderosa pine, coast redwood, baldcypress, longleaf pine and white pine.

Visit the original Arbor Day Farm
If you’re looking for an excuse for a road trip, visit the stunning Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City, Nebraska this year to celebrate the holiday. A National Historic Landmark, the beautiful countryside is full of opportunities to connect with nature through hiking, biking and exploration.

Cover image courtesy of the Arbor Day Foundation.

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