.ZACK Performing Arts Incubator to Bring Community and Support to Six Arts Organizations

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As an artist, you may be slaving away in a garret, working on the next great musical score, writing something true and important for theater, practicing your sullen art, as it were, feeling that there are few ears and eyes to witness it.

Photo courtesy of U-Studios

Photo courtesy of U-Studios


This sense of a lack of community around you might foster feelings of hopelessness. .ZACK Performing Arts Incubator could change that though. The incubator, which will be housed in the historic Cadillac building Downtown, is taking up to six arts organizations—selected by a committee—to share venue’s 200-seat theater, co-op office space, scene shop and set/prop storage area. This is a very exciting opportunity for well- and lesser-known artists to seek out. If it’s a dynamic, beautiful environment that you desire, nothing could be better than The Kranzberg Arts Foundation’s newest project.

The committee will select up to six companies to make .ZACK their home, where they will share amenities, such as a 202-seat capacity theater, audio packages and lighting, a private green room and dressing room, bar and elevator access, Wi-Fi, and so many other exciting and wonderful things that come with a sense of community and support around the selected artists.

“We have already had an overwhelming response from the community. I think you will find .ZACK is filled with a diverse tapestry of theater, dance, music and community,” says Kranzberg Arts Foundation Director of Operations Chris Hansen.

There are some sound requirements for those souls interested in proposals. Performing arts organizations submitting proposals to become .ZACK Incubator residents must meet the following requirements: First, potential residents must show a proven track record and history of successful productions. They must also be established with at least three years in business, and be able to make a two-year commitment. Finally, prospective .ZACK candidates must write a letter describing why their theater company should be selected and how the incubator would benefit them.

Again, this could not be a greater opportunity for performing artists. Be sure to take advantage of .ZACK’s allotted proposal time: The committee is taking proposals between May 2 and July 15, 2016.

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