Yelp Ranks The Top STL Coffee Shops by Neighborhood

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ALIVE  teamed up with Yelp again to bring you the highest-rated local coffee shops by neighborhood in STL—according to you! These coffee shops have topped the coffee category in their neighborhood based on the number of reviews and star rating. See which spots Yelpers love to get their daily caffeine buzz.

West End, The Loop – Blueprint Coffee

Blueprint Coffee Robin K Yelp

Photo courtesy of Robin K from Yelp

Blueprint Coffee brings you the perfect cup of java with a focus on the science of brewing. This urban coffee shop has all the beakers to brew you the perfect cup of coffee, down to the last drop. 6225 Delmar Blvd, 314.266.6808

Webster Groves – Webster Groves Garden Cafe

Webster Groves Coffee Garde Yelp

Photo courtesy of Shana L from Yelp

Webster Groves Garden Cafe feels like you’re drinking a warm cup of coffee at your best friend’s place. The cozy atmosphere and garden in the back makes you feel right at home.  117 E Lockwood Ave, 314.475.3490

University City, The Loop – Meshuggah Cafe

Meshuggah Cafe Yelp

Photo courtesy of Megan Y from Yelp

Meshuggah is a no-frills cafe located right off the Delmar Loop in U-City. Locals love the food as much as they love their delicious lattes and cappuccinos. 6269 Delmar Blvd, 314. 726.5662

The Gate District – Crave Coffeehouse

Crave Yelp

Photos courtesy of Tracey W from Yelp

Crave is tucked inside a repurposed church with a mission of serving up amazing coffee. Locals and SLU students know Crave serves up a mean cup for the entire neighborhood. 3504 Caroline St, 314.771.3299

Southwest Garden & Lafayette Square – Park Avenue Coffee

Park Avenue Yelp

Photo courtesy of Mollie S from Yelp

With multiple locations, Park Avenue Coffee is one of the few local roasters in the country that air roasts its beans. If you haven’t tried their specially roasted coffee, then you know where you’re headed next. Side of gooey butter cake, anyone?  5105 Columbia Ave, 314.717.1900; 1919 Park Ave, 314.621.4020

Soulard – Soulard Coffee Garden

Soulard Coffee Carden Rosa Z Yelp

Photo courtesy of Rosa Z from Yelp

There’s a reason Soulard Coffee Garden is so popular and I’ll leave you a little hint … it’s not just their coffee. This local coffee house serves up amazing food and a great neighborhood atmosphere with their hot java. 910 Geyer Ave, 314.899.5554

Skinker-DeBaliviere – Kayak’s

Kayak's Yelp

Photo courtesy of Ann L from Yelp

Owned by Kaldi’s and loved by Washington University students, Kayak’s has been a neighborhood favorite for quite some time. They serve up a serious (and seriously beautiful) latte with the free Wi-Fi. 270 N Skinker Blvd, 314.862.4447

Saint Louis Hills – Lanai Coffee

Lanai Coffee Jessica H

Photo courtesy of Jessica H from Yelp

Hidden inside Francis Park, Lanai is the perfect place to grab a warm cup of coffee before a stroll in nature. With a larger and more unique menu than your average coffee joint, it’s time for you to experiment! 5300 Donovan Ave, 314.835.7446

Richmond Heights – Nadoz Bakery and Cafe

Nadoz Yelp

Photo courtesy of Nadoz from Yelp

Nadoz has a huge menu with countless options. From paninis to cupcakes, they have diverse options that’ll satisfy any coffee-lover. Sip your brew in between bites of the Nutella Crepe Ala Mode! 12 the Blvd, 314.726.3100

Princeton Heights – Cafe Nova

Cafe Nova Yelp

Photo courtesy of Alex P from Yelp

Yes, they serve great Mediterranean food but that doesn’t mean their coffee should be ignored. From hazelnut lattes to Turkish coffee, this shop bring a lot more than just your average gyro to the table. 5611 S Kingshighway Blvd, 314.351.7443

Old North St. Louis – La Cafe Mancha

Cafe Mancha Yelp

Photo courtesy of Cafe Mancha from Yelp

Their pun-ny mugs are as bold as their coffee. Cafe Mancha has eclectic decor and proudly serves a mean Cuban sandwich. 2800 N 14th St, 314.932.5581

Marine Villa – Sump Coffee

Sump coffee Yelp

Photo courtesy of Crystal R from Yelp

Sump is … how do we say this … a “no BS” coffee shop. You’ll need to skip your double mocha frappe here and experience coffee in it’s rawest form. You can thank us later.  3700 S Jefferson Ave, 917.412.5670

Maplewood – Foundation Grounds

Foundation Grounds April B

Photo courtesy of April B from Yelp

Who doesn’t love Maplewood? This rustic shop has the perfect shabby-chic atmosphere to go with your new favorite book. (Pro-tip: vegans love this place!)  7298 Manchester Rd, 314.601.3588

Lindenwood Park – Pint Size Bakery and Coffee

Pint Size Christy

Photo courtesy of Christy A from Yelp

If you have as big of a passion for the perfect cupcake as you do the perfect cup of coffee, then you’ve just found your next destination. Grab your daily dose of caffeine with a “Brookie” – a chocolate chip cookie baked into a brownie  3825 Watson, 314.645.7142

Forest Park Southeast – Rise Coffee House

Rise Coffee House Lizzy T

Photo courtesy of Lizzy T from Yelp

Rise is the coolest, most hip BFF you’ve ever had, and the shop is  the perfect hideout to get work done or enjoy some conversation. Don’t forget to check out the second floor before you leave!  4180 Manchester Ave, 314.769.9535

Dutchtown- Urban Eats

Urban Eats Christy A

Photo courtesy of Christy A from Yelp

Urban Eats is well-known in the Dutchtown community, and for good reason. When you’re stopping by for your afternoon caffiene reboot, make sure to try their Thai Ginger Noodles.  3301 Meramec St, 314.558.7580

Downtown – Washington Avenue Post

Wash Ave Post

Photo courtesy of Allison B from Yelp

Washington Avenue Post is a market and coffee shop all in one. Stop it for some snacks and stay for the coffee. Bonus: You can buy your milk, eggs, and bread while you’re there.  1312 Washington Ave, 314.588.0545

DeBaliviere Place – 2Schae Cafe

Tiffany C 2Schae Cafe

Photo courtesy of Tiffany C from Yelp

A classic cafe with a beautiful patio will keep your attention through breakfast and lunch. Make sure to try one of their famous flatbread pizzas. 275 Union Blvd, 314.361.5333

Compton Heights – Kitchen Coffee House

Kitchen Coffee House Martin C

Photo courtesy of Martin C from Yelp

After grabbing your morning coffee, you need to go see their chickens. Yes, that’s right, live chickens out back. Cluck cluck! 3149 Shenandoah Ave, 314.732.0009

Clayton – Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company

Kaldi's Jill H

Photo courtesy of Jill H on Yelp

If you’ve lived in St. Louis long enough, then you know Kaldi’s is a local favorite. Visit the original location in Demun and see where this beloved coffee chain got its start.  700 DeMun Ave, 314.727.9955

Cheltenham – Comet Coffee & Microbakery

Comet Coffee

Photo courtesy of Suzanne V from Yelp

Comet Coffee might be small, but it’s mighty! All coffees are hand-brewed daily, and the baked goods are always fresh. A cookies-and-milk snack in the afternoon never hurt anyone.   5708 Oakland Ave, 314.932.7770

Central West End – Northwest Coffee Roasting Company

Photo courtesy of Kay X from Yelp

Photo courtesy of Kay X from Yelp

Northwest roasts coffee right out in the open. Come sip on some java, smell the freshly roasted beans and watch the magic happen. Fall-lovers: Enjoy the fire pit on those crisp days! 4251 Laclede Ave, 314.371.4600

Brentwood – Brentwood Perk

Brentwood Perk Yelp

Photo courtesy of Kay X from Yelp

Brentwood Perk is made for those speedy to-go orders. The shop is locally owned, uses local coffees and has a drive-thru for those moments you just can’t bring yourself to change out of your sweatpants.   2944 S Brentwood Blvd, 314.276.9065 

Benton Park West – Foam

Foam Yelp

Photo courtesy of Richie D from Yelp

Foam proudly totes “Coffee and Beer.” Whether you come during the day or the evening, you can always get a beer to balance out that caffeine buzz. Check out their live music schedule and catch a show during your visit. 3359 S Jefferson Ave., 314.772.2100

Benton ParkThe Mud House

Mud House Yelp

Photo courtesy of Anthony P from Yelp

The Mud House is one of the highest-rated coffee shops in St. Louis and it’s no surprise. The shop has plenty of seating to accommodate all of its fans at its location on our beloved Cherokee Street. Check out their expansive menu and peruse their pastry case  2101 Cherokee St, 314.776.6599

Tower Grove South – Gelateria Del Lone

Gelateria Del Leone Yelp

Photo courtesy of Philip H from Yelp

If almost feels like Gelateria Del Leone is cheating by serving gelato alongside great coffee, but really it’s just pure genius. Yelper Tracey W adores the Mayan Chocolate gelato, and we can’t blame her. 3197 S Grand Blvd, 314.776.3500

The Hill – Gelato Di Riso

Gelato Di Riso Yelp

Photo courtesy of Brittany S from Yelp

This is one of two gelato bars that boasts a plethora of Italian-style coffee drinks. Baristas even offer unique drinks that mix both coffee and gelato. Sounds like a perfect marriage. 5204 Wilson Ave, 314.664.8488

Shaw – Sweet Art

sweet art chocolate cupcake

Photo courtesy of Sarah H from Yelp

No one walks into Sweet Art without taking away one of the irresistible vegan desserts. Come for the caffeine boost and stay for the Tiramisu Cupcake. Hint: everything pairs well with an Americano. 2203 S 39th St, 314.771.4278

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