Yelp Ranks St. Louis' Top 20 Restaurants in 2015

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ALIVE has teamed up with Yelp to bring you the top 20 restaurants in STL—according to you! These foodie-favorites have topped the restaurant category in St. Louis, based on the number of reviews and star rating. See which spots have stolen local Yelpers hearts and stomachs.

1/ Bogart’s Smokehouse

S L. Bogart's Smokehouse

Photo courtesy of S L. from Yelp.

It’s no surprise that Bogart’s takes the number one spot. Yelpers have a passion for good old-fashioned BBQ served up plain and simple, a specialty of this STL staple. 1627 S. 9th St., Soulard, 314.621.3107

2/ Blue’s City Deli

Kristen S Blues City Deli

Photo courtesy of Kristen S. from Yelp.

Whoever thought a deli could be so darn popular? Blues City Deli stacks their sandwiches high with all the fixings on classic deli sandwiches. Do as the locals do: Don’t forget to grab a cold beer with your Muffuletta! 2438 McNair Ave., Benton Park, 314.773.8225

3/ Sameem Afghan Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Antonio M. from Yelp

Photo courtesy of Antonio M. from Yelp.

Sameem is a small, no frills Afghan restaurant with Middle Eastern-inspired dishes. Bring your own wine, nosh on some naan and you’ll see why Yelpers love Sameem’s international cuisine. 4341 Manchester Ave., The Grove, 314.534.9500

4/ Corner Bistro

Corner Bistro

Photo courtesy of Corner Bistro from Yelp.

From pizza to paninis, Corner Bistro has plenty of New American and Italian dishes to keep your stomach happy. Yelpers love the charm this family-owned shop brings to the table. 4993 Loughborough Ave., Princeton Heights, 314.353.1811

5/ Pappy’s Smokehouse

Dan B. Pappy's Smokehouse

Photo courtesy of Dan B. from Yelp.

This Memphis-style barbecue joint can’t keep to traditional hours; there’s no telling when they’ll sell out of their in-demand fare. Yelpers especially love the house-made sauces and classic, dry-rubbed ribs. 3106 Olive St., Midtown, 314.535.4340

6/ Broadway Oyster Bar

Greg D. Broadway Oyster Bar

Photo courtesy of Greg D. From Yelp.

Broadway Oyster Bar is a taste of classic NOLA in STL. It’s a happening place in the summer with a different feature every night, from crawfish boils to live music. This is a prime pre-Cardinals watering hole that knows how to pack in a crowd. 736 S Broadway, Downtown, 314.621.8811

7/ Lona’s Lil Eats

Lona's Lil Eats

Photo courtesy of Lona’s Lil Eats from Yelp.

Lona’s started out at the Soulard Famers Market and worked its way to a brick-and-mortar shop. This Asian Fusion sensation uses organic and locally grown ingredients to keep the health-minded happy. 2199 California Ave., Fox Park, 314.899.5582

8/ Sauce On The Side

Geoffrey R Sauce On The Side

Photo courtesy of Geoffrey R. on Yelp.

Sauce On The Side has 14 different calzones (plus an option to build your own) to choose from and Yelpers suggest you simply try them all. This calzone shop gives you a whole new appreciation for folded pizza. 411 N 8th St., Downtown, 314.241.5667

9/ Adam’s Smokehouse

Brain M. Adam's Smokehouse

Photo courtesy of Brian M. from Yelp.

Adam’s is newer on the STL barbecue scene but still has some of the best meats in town. You know what goes well with stellar barbecue? Tasty sides! Try some of their baked beans or potato salad while you’re at it. 2819 Watson Rd., Clifton Heights, 314.875.9890

10/ Adriana’s

Ann T. Adriana's

Photo courtesy from Ann T. from Yelp.

Adriana’s is a no-nonsense Italian restaurant on The Hill. With salads, pizzas, pastas and more, this small mom-and-pop shop is a lunch lover’s dream.  5105 Shave Ave., The Hill, 314.773.3833

11/ The Mud House

Megan L. The Mud House

Photo courtesy of Megan L. from Yelp.

The Mud House’s food is as good as their lattes! Yelpers dig the charming decor and say you’ll feel right at home here while you cozy up to a hot cup of java. 2101 Cherokee St., Benton Park, 314.776.6599

12/ The Fountain On Locust

The Fountain On Locust

Photo courtesy of The Fountain On Locust from Yelp.

The Fountain on Locust is an ice cream bar and restaurant with a wide variety of frozen treats. Ditch the traditional bowl of ice cream and try one of their boozy ice cream martinis. 3037 Locust St., Midtown, 314.535.7800

13/ Vinnie’s Italian Beef and Gyros

Steven B Vinnie's Italian Beef and Gyros

Photo courtesy of Steven B. from Yelp.

Vinnie’s dishes out Chicago-style sandwiches and classic Greek cuisine. Whether you want a gyro or a reuben, they’ve got your number. 3208 Ivanhoe Ave., Lindenwood Park, 314.644.7007

14/ Sugarfire Smoke House

Brian M Sugarfire Smoke House

Photo courtesy of Brian M. from Yelp.

Sugarfire isn’t just another traditional barbecue spot in STL, a fact Yelpers adore. In addition to the classics—ribs, pulled pork and brisket—you can also pick up an ice cream float, smoked salmon and try a variety of other unique sides and specials. 9200 Olive Blvd., Olivette, 314.997.2301

15/ Russell’s On Macklind

Kathleen S Russell's On Macklind

Photo courtesy of Kathleen S. from Yelp.

A wine bar, cafe and bakery all in one? This triple threat is the perfect place to grab an unforgettable meal, cupcake and glass of sangria all in one go. Add in brunch on top of all that and Russell’s is a local treasure as far as Yelpers are concerned. 5400 Murdoch Ave., South Hampton, 314.553.9994

16/ Lulu’s Local Eatery

Sarah S. Lulu's Local Eatery

Photo courtesy of Sarah S. from Yelp.

Vegan, organic and local is the best way to sum up Lulu’s Local Eatery! Yelpers love how creative and unique their food is—you won’t miss the meat. 3201 S Grand Blvd., Tower Grove South, 314.300.8215 

17/ 2Schae Café

A R. 2Schae Cafe

Photo courtesy of A R. from Yelp.

This corner cafe is the perfect urban getaway. 2Schae offers up breakfast favorites all day but Yelpers love to stop in on their lunch hour for the flatbread pizzas. 275 Union Blvd., DeBaliviere Place, 314.361.5333

18/ Pizzeoli – Wood Fired Neapolitan Pizza

Scott S. Pizzeoli - Wood Fired Neopolitan Pizza

Photo courtesy of Scott S. from Yelp.

Watch the pros make wood-fired pizza in front of you in this intimate Soulard pizzeria. Their classic Neapolitan pies are uniquely cooked in a 900-degree oven and are completely vegetarian. 1928 S 12th St., Soulard, 314.449.1111

19/ Vernon’s BBQ & Catering

Daniel C Vernon's BBQ & Catering

Photo courtesy of Daniel C. from Yelp.

Vernon’s does barbecue in ways you wouldn’t expect. If you aren’t in the mood for classic ribs, try their tasty BBQ nachos or their tequila lime green beans, a Yelp favorite. 6707 Vernon Ave., Universtiy City, 314.726.1227

20/ The Shaved Duck

Amrita R The Shaved Duck

Photo courtesy of Amrita R. from Yelp.

The Shaved Duck is a classic neighborhood joint with jaw-dropping barbecue, Southern-inspired sides and a wall mural with a tribute to the blues. Yelpers love the live music and that unforgettable mac and cheese. 2900 Virginia Ave., Tower Grove East, 314.776.1407

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