Yelp Data Reveals Top 20 Brunch Spots for 2015

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If brunch is your favorite meal of the day, rest assured—you’re certainly not alone. Breakfast that runs into lunch served until midday? We’re so in. Whether you need a seasoned scramble, a liquid interlude, or have a hankering for some home fries, we’re about to make you the St. Louis brunch boss.

To create this list, Yelp ranked St. Louis businesses that fall under the “Brunch” category based on the number of reviews and their star rating, only taking reviews left in 2015 into account.

1/ The Mud House

Mudhouse Yelp

Photo courtesy of Jessica F from Yelp

If you’ve been following our Yelp data articles, you know that The Mud House ranks #11 on the highest rated Restaurants for 2015 and is the highest rated coffee shop in the Benton Park neighborhood. It’s no surprise that they hold the #1 spot for brunch. If you disagree then you clearly haven’t had The Burrito complete with a café au lait. 2101 Cherokee St, Benton Park, 314.776.6599

2/ Rooster

Rooster Yelp

Photo courtesy of Sarah H on Yelp

Rooster’s menu has a serious scramble collection, classic brunch fare, and a whole lot of crepes. You can grab a classic Rooster Slinger complete with andouille sausage or class it up a bit with a roasted apple crepe with cinnamon and brown sugar. 

1104 Locust St, Downtown, 314.241.8118

3/ 2Schae Cafe

Photo by Aurora L. on Yelp

Photo courtesy of Aurora L. on Yelp

2Schae is the perfect corner cafe for a casual brunch any day of the week. Grab a Couch Potato omelette while you lounge and enjoy the laid-back vibe. Yelpers love the French toast almost as much as they love the owners, Don & Lisa. 

275 Union Blvd, DeBaliviere Place, 314.361.5333


Egg Yelp

Photo courtesy of Jolena S from Yelp.

Open only on Sundays, Egg’s simple philosophy is “Breakfast Came First” and “Drinks Came Second.”  Don’t miss their Cornbread Eggs Benedict followed up with an Italian Greyhound: Prosecco & Grapefruit Pellegrino. 2200 Gravois Ave, Benton Park, 314.202.8244


Photo courtest of Mai Tran G. on Yelp

Photo courtesy of Mai Tran G. on Yelp

Pastaria is known for serving up some mean pizza and pasta but you haven’t truly experienced what they can dish out until you’ve stopped by for brunch. Go for the Breakfast Pizza or the Wood Oven Baked Eggs — you can thank us later. 734 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton, 314.862.6603

6/ Olive Street Cafe

Olive Street Cafe Yelp

Photo courtesy of  Cece A on Yelp.

Because who wouldn’t want to start their day with corned beef hash and dill hollandaise? Olive Street is a classic cafe with a simple but stellar brunch selection. The Bloody Mary here is Yelper-approved, too. 12710 Olive Blvd, ,314.485.8710

7/ Ferguson Burger Bar & More

Ferguson Burger Bar Yelp

Photo courtesy of Steven B from Yelp.

The only thing you need to remember about Ferguson Burger Bar is their 100 percent no-nonsense approach to brunch. Greasy, cheap, and delicious like it’s meant to be. Splurge and try the Double Cheeseburger on Texas Toast. 9120 W Florissant Ave., Ferguson, 314.388.0424

8/ Goody Goody Diner

Goody Goody Diner Yelp

Photo courtesy of Brian M on Yelp.

St. Louis has plenty of ol’-fashioned diners and for a good reason: they’re all amazing. Don’t leave Goody Goody diner without trying their famous Chicken & Waffles. There’s a reason they’ve been open since 1948. 5900 Natural Bridge Ave., Wells/Goodfellow, 314.383.3333

9/ City Coffeehouse and Crêperie

City Coffeehouse & Creperie Yelp

Photo courtesy of Katie H from Yelp.

If you work in Clayton, then you’re no stranger to City Coffeehouse and Crêperie. Feeling salty? Go for the BLT crepe. Sweet kind of day? The Lemon Curd is waiting. Bring a friend and try both, obviously! 36 N Brentwood Blvd., Clatyon, 314.862.2489

10/ Frazer’s Restaurant and Lounge

Frazer's Restaurant & Lounge Yelp

Photo courtesy of Kelly B on Yelp.

All you need to know is that Frazer’s brunch menu has over five different Eggs Benedicts to choose from and one of them has lobster. Pair it with a French 75 or a Bloody Mary with housemade mix. 1811 Pestalozzi St, Benton Park, 314.773.8646

11/Half & Half 

Half & Half Yelp

Photo courtesy of Julie S from Yelp.

Half & Half has one of the best brunch selections in St. Louis, so you’re going to have to come here a lot to figure out your favorite dish. But remember, whether you order the Blueberry Pancakes or the Salmon Hash, you can always make room for their doughnuts as an appetizer. 8135 Maryland Ave, Clayton, 314.725.0719

12/The Boardwalk Cafe

Boardwalk Cafe Yelp

Photo courtesy of Steven B from Yelp.

Hearty eaters, rejoice! Large serving sizes and a classic menu makes Boardwalk Cafe a neighborhood favorite. From a giant list of “gourmet country burgers” to a huge selection of omelettes, you’ll find something to fill you up. We’ll be here to roll you back home. 600 E Lockwood Ave, Webster Groves, 314.963.0013

13/The Tavern Kitchen and Bar

Tavern Kitchen and Bar Yelp

Photo courtesy of Kay X on Yelp.

The gourmet brunch at The Tavern in the Central West End is only open on Sundays from 10am-2pm, but it’s worth the wait. Don’t feel bad skipping the protein and splurging for the Lemon Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes. It happens to the best of us. 392 N Euclid Ave., Central West End, 314.696.8400

14/ Carondelet Diner

Carondelet Yelp

Photo courtesy of Steven B from Yelp.

Expect traditional diner food here, and as well as a huge bang for your buck. Any place you can get something called the Ultimate Breakfast for just $7.99 is a winner in our book. Feeling extra hungry? The Smothered Breakfast (smothered in gravy, that is) is calling your name. 321 E Davis, Patch, 314.833.3470

15/Benton Park Café & Coffee Bar

Benton Park Cafe & Coffee Bar Yelp

Photo courtesy of Curt D from Yelp.

If you didn’t already love the Benton Park neighborhood, you do now. Benton Park Café is a casual and laid-back corner restaurant with a full espresso bar, brunch menu and boozy before-noon cocktails. Try to only take one bite of their loaded potatoes and let us know how it goes. 1900 Arsenal St, Benton Park, 314.771.7200

16/Best Burger & Breakfast

Best Burger & Breakfast Yelp

Photo courtesy of Norma H on Yelp.

Straight and to the point with their name, they serve just what you’d expect: burgers and breakfast. Whether you’re looking for a Country Skillet topped with all the fixings or a Pineapple Burger, you can have both at this cozy spot. 10024 Gravois Rd, 314.669.9555

17/The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink Young B

Photo courtesy of Young B from Yelp

Kitchen Sink serves up traditional Cajun cuisine packed with plenty of heat. They also host a bomb brunch. Go for the Peter Pan: it’s a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on Texas toast cooked in a French toast batter. You’re welcome. 255 Union Blvd, DeBaliviere Place, 314.454.1551

18/Soulard Coffee Garden St. Louis

Soulard Coffee Garden Yelp

Photo courtesy of Nina S from Yelp.

Any Soulard resident knows every Sunday morning you’ll find a line out the door at Soulard Coffee Garden, and for good reason. This unassuming location serves up a mean brunch complete with a beautiful outdoor patio. We recommend the Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes and the Brie Veggie Omelet. 910 Geyer Ave, Soulard, 314.241.1464


Gooseberies Yelp

Photo courtesy of Andre M on Yelp.

Brunch at Goosberies is like eating at your best friend’s house except with way better food. Indulge in their carrot cake pancakes and house-made sausage. Wash it all down with a ginger iced coffee! 2754 Chippewa St, Dutchtown, 314.577.6363

20/The Shack

The Shack Yelp

Photo courtesy of Hei Young P from Yelp

The Shack has it all, but we love the drinks the most. Meet your new favorite bevvie to inspire your inner child: the cereal shake. Stop in and grab a “Toucan Sam” garnished with fresh fruit loops. On the flip side, if you’re craving something savory, the Meaty Mary lets you sip your Bloody through a beef jerky straw. Mic drop. 13645 Big Bend Rd, 636.529.1600

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