World Chess Hall of Fame Concert Series Continues with 'A Night of Sevdah with Edo Sadikovic and Bosona Bandas'

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Just last February, World Chess Hall of Fame held the first of the monthly and eclectic WCHOF Concert Series with the 442s, a new instrumental quartet consisting of two world-class musicians from the St. Louis Symphony and two of the city’s most accomplished jazz musicians. The result was a dynamic, relaxed, informal evening that put a new spin on concert-going while exploring the boundaries of jazz, classical, folk and rock music. On Wednesday, April 17, the fun continues with “A Night of Sevdah with Edo Sadikovic and Bosona Bandas,” presenting an evening of Bosnian music.

World Chess Hall of Fame Photo by Christopher Reilly

World Chess Hall of Fame
Photo by Christopher Reilly

It may come as a surprise that St. Louis has more Bosnians per capita than anyplace outside of Bosnia; the reason for which is complicated. After the breakup of the former Yugoslavia and its accompanying horrific war, tens of thousands of Bosnian refugees fled to the U.S. The State Department contracts with local agencies that provide refugee settlement services—like St. Louis’ International Institute—to find places to send those refugees.

Many were settled in St. Louis, which offered a relatively low cost of living and affordable housing, as opposed to more traditional landing cities like N.Y. or San Francisco, which can hardly be called affordable. Subsequently, Bosnians sent to other parts of the country might have had relatives in St. Louis and relocated here during a second migration, or more likely, simply heard through the refugee grapevine that St. Louis offered a copacetic environment. Refugees are not required to stay where they are first located. It’s worth noting that the Bosnians are a vital part of the community and are helping fill the gap left by the hemorrhaging of residents heading to the suburbs. If we didn’t have them, we’d be trying to figure out how to get them.

What better way to celebrate the rich culture of our Bosnian community than with an intimate night of Sevdah—the traditional music of Bosnian cities and towns? “A Night of Sevdah with Edo Sadikovic and Bosona Bandas” happens on Wednesday, April 17 from 7-8pm. Doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets are $10. For more information, visit the World Chess Hall of Fame website, or call (314) 367-9243.

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