Why Investing In Your Creativity Is An Investment In Your Happiness

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Working full time, maintaining a side hustle and living a creative life is hard work. A lot of your days might look like this: wake up at 6am, chug coffee, scramble to work, complete morning tasks, work on side-job emails during lunch, wrap up afternoon tasks, scramble back home and wrap up the day trying to squeeze in a few sacred moments of creativity. Whew!

Without intentionally setting time aside to invest in your creativity, your practice may fall by the wayside, whatever it may be: art, music, writing, blogging, woodworking … etc. Without investing the time to sketch out ideas or aimlessly play around with new tools and software with the intent to learn, stale and mundane ideas may creep their way into your work.

Scary, yes—but no need for a full-fledged creativity crisis. Setting aside time to engage your artistic mind can happen in baby steps, whether it’s a class, a book, or a new podcast. Below are a few common pitfalls creatives fall into, along with a way out.


“I can’t afford creative classes or conferences. Will they even help me?”
This is an easy one to believe, as the fiscal component can be a strong deterrent. But investing in your creativity by learning new techniques in your field will make you more effective in your field and will result in more high-quality work. Maybe you take the time to learn to code, take a painting class, a dance class or a flower-crown design class—whatever gets your brain working in new ways. Pushing yourself to learn new things around fellow creatives will help you, no matter what your niche is.

“I don’t have time to invest in my creativity, I’m already so tired!” 
Between full-time work and “after-work work,” we often spread ourselves quite thin. But taking baby steps, like one to two-hour events after working for hours, can create new opportunities. Websites like Eventbrite are excellent resources to keep a pulse on upcoming workshops and creative conferences in your city plus what will fit into your schedule. Also, consider looking at your schedule to see where you can trim out unnecessary time that you’re spending. Can you cut your workout from one hour down to 30 minutes? Can you spend less hours on a certain client’s project? Saying “no” to some projects and “yes” to investing in your creativity and happiness will never do you wrong.

“I don’t know if investing in my creative work will actually make me happier.” 
When we zone in on the creative process of a project and then step back and witness the final product, uncontrollable feel-good endorphins rush through us, and we experience genuine happiness. It’s the same feeling you’ll come away with when attending a class, conference or attempting a new creative project at home.

You deserve to invest in your creativity and to experience all of the amazing benefits it brings to your blog, business and brand. You’ll be astounded to see how your community will grow along the way, too.

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