'What's In My Bag' With Fashion Designer Michael Drummond

By Sarah Stallmann
In Style

The ‘man-bag’ is not only practical for the modern gent, but is also a fashionable accessory that is all the rage in designer collections of many calibers. One of our favorite locals happens to sport this trend very well.  When Michael Drummond stopped by the ALIVE office to give us the details about his new showroom, we were more than excited to sneak a peek inside of his unique and chic carry-all.

All photos by Rachel Brandt.

Photo by Rachel Brandt.

“I’m in the process of moving, so my bag and what’s inside of it definitely reflects that,” says Drummond of his vintage leather fanny pack, which he purchased at Avalon Exchange. “It reminds me of my mom,” says Drummond with his signature sense of humor, “I’m slowly becoming her little by little.”


Drummond is always on the go, so items like his passport, a mini flashlight, Square reader, measuring tape and mini wrench set help to assure that he always has what he needs within an arm’s reach. He even has a nice little collection of pesos and Canadian coins that he keeps with him “just in case!”


Drummond’s classy and sassy wallet (from retro hub, TFA: The Future Antiques) adds a bit of his signature flair to the otherwise industrial menagerie of items.


In true designer fashion, Drummond keeps a pencil handy in case inspiration strikes. This particular one just so happens to be by Alexander McQueen from his exhibition at the Met Gala. “It’s the only pencil one should ever use,” says Drummond with a smile,”duh!”

Get up-close and personal with the designer and shop his newest collection of wares at his showroom grand opening event that takes place Thursday, July 17 from 6-9p at 2008 Marconi Avenue on The Hill.

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