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This post has been updated to reflect the release of the Creativity Issue, out now at select locations throughout the city.

In January 2016, we released the Good Vibes issue in the new look and feel of ALIVE Magazine. We moved the up-to-the-minute information like calendars and shopping guides to online, leaving the print publication to slow its approach and dig into stories with high-quality writing and visuals on a thicker matte paper. Since then, we’ve received some questions we’d like to share here to help clear up any confusion. If you have anything you’d like to ask that isn’t covered, please reach out at

Why is ALIVE changing?
Because St. Louis, media and the world are all changing rapidly. St. Louisans are hungry for culture and actively participating in the many art, music, theater, dining, fashion and civic opportunities in the urban core. Technology has rapidly accelerated the pace of how people receive and digest information. The world is hyper-connected and challenging the status quo.

As Elizabeth Tucker explains in Dear St. Louis, #ALIVEnext is about slowing down, focusing on thoughtful interactions and creating the time and space to tell the best stories possible. We want to be a platform for writers, photographers and designers to help tell St. Louis’ unique story and show the world the value of St. Louis and Midwest culture.

Then, while many media companies are slashing their paper quality, we’ve decided to invest in a meaningful print experience. To better connect, inspire and engage our readers, we have increased the paper quality and transitioned into a bookazine (a magazine that looks like a coffee table book) format. The thicker paper, beautiful visuals and high level of storytelling make you want to relax and spend some quality time reading and absorbing the issue.

Finally, we believe St. Louis’ story is a powerful template for other cities to tackle systemic issues through art, community building and investing in the local economy. If we can put St. Louis’ story on a national stage by creating cutting-edge content, than we can help share important takeaways from the city’s recent events. Read more in the Creativity Issue’s Publisher Letter.

I heard ALIVE has introduced Augmented Reality. What is it and how does it work?
Augmented Reality combines print and digital to give readers the chance to unlock bonus content that jumps off the page. Start with downloading the Layar App, then look for pages with a SCAN icon, and use the app to scan the page and access everything from behind the scenes video to an artist’s reading of their work. Get the full information and a chance to test it here.

Is the magazine still free?
We want as many readers as possible to experience #ALIVEnext. The current issue is complimentary at 25 distribution locations around the St. Louis area. If you can’t find a copy, you can purchase a single copy or subscription that includes EQ and ALIVE Wedding. The digital issue is also available on our website. Over the next year, ALIVE will be moving to a 90% paid model, available by subscription, for purchase on our website and for sale at select partner locations.

How often will the magazine come out?
ALIVE will release 14 issues in 2016, including niche publications such as Entrepreneur Quarterly and ALIVE Wedding throughout the year.

I’ve heard that ALIVE is working with a curated client list. What does that mean?
We have hand-selected a group of partners who uphold the same values as we do, and who are passionate about supporting the new bookazine format. We’ll be partnering with some of these clients to help them tell their story in an inspiring, meaningful way, as you’ll see in the Partner Section of each issue.

How much sponsored content will be in the magazine?
ALIVE will continue to have a balance of organic editorial stories and sponsored (paid-for) content supported by our curated client list. All sponsored content will continue to be transparently labeled in print and online.

How do I get my work published in ALIVE?
A big part of #ALIVEnext is welcoming artists of all types to submit their work and tell their own stories in our pages. Contact to make a submission.

How else can I get involved?
ALIVE is looking for individuals who are interested in joining a movement to push the city of St. Louis forward through conversation and content. If you’re the kind of person who takes risks, challenges the status quo, strives to express your unique perspective and make powerful connections with others, we need you. By subscribing, you’re among a select group of founding members supporting #ALIVEnext.

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