What To Wear to a Wedding This Fall

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Fall wedding season is upon us, and along with deciding what to get the happy couple for a gift, you will also be racking your brain with what to wear, and how to keep your looks fresh, on-trend and event-appropriate. Here are some tips on how to choose your attire so you stand out—in a good way.

1/ Cocktail is good, club-wear is bad. When you are looking for a dress to wear to a wedding, opt for something on the sophisticated side of sexy rather than a mini dress or bodycon that is more appropriate for a night out.

2/ Wear shoes that you can dance in. Sure, those stilettos may be your favorite, but when it comes time to hit the dance floor, you are going to wish you went a more comfortable route.

3/ Be mindful of the event venue and dress code. If the wedding is at a winery, you will most likely be spending a bit of time outdoors and possibly in a grassy area, so dress for the weather and leave the slim-heeled shoes at home. Same goes for a more formal venue or a destination wedding. Usually you will have a good idea of how to dress based on the location.

4/ Don’t go too casual. Even if it’s a casual wedding, jeans and super casual attire is not ok. Always dress more “up” than “down.”

5/ Be daring and try something new. Instead of your average wedding guest garb, try something outside of the box: A suit styled with a frilly blouse and heels, a jumpsuit instead of a dress, a printed frock instead of a solid color or embellishments like beads and feathers. Remember, it’s almost the holiday so anything you buy for a wedding now can be worn again to a fabulous party.


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