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Back in January, Urban Chestnut announced St. Louis would be receiving an entirely new way to experience its selection of new world and old world beers (Revolution & Reverence Series, respectively). ALIVE has teamed up with the local brewery to share what you can expect ahead of those doors opening in The Grove.

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1/ Beer
Well, of course there will be beer. But here, you’ll find beers you can’t find anywhere else, and you may never find ever again in the world. The U.R.B. will be creating very small batches of test beers, leaning more toward the experimental side of the spectrum. If you enter looking for a standard ale, you just might not find it—but you will have a beer-drinking experience you’ve never had before.

2/ Inexpensive Beer
We should mention that this exclusive access to UCBC’s brewers’ dream projects will only be $1. For just four quarters (and your following evaluation of the beer), you’ll be given four two-ounce samples of the newest beers to hit The U.R.B.’s taps. After that, if you find a beer you particularly fancy, you can buy a regular pint at the regular price—if there’s any of the small batch left.

3/ Feedback
Often with larger breweries, and even with some of the smaller ones, it can be hard to express your feedback in a meaningful way. But The U.R.B. is built to facilitate conversations about what you do and don’t like—and you can offer your thoughts almost as soon as they enter your mind. Guests will pull up a chair, grab a “test flight” and can instantly offer their notes via smartphone, tablet or other ‘smart’ devices.

Co-founder David Wolfe commented,  “We want The U.R.B. to be a place where anyone; home brewers, beer aficionados, and beer drinkers in general, can easily provide qualitative & quantitative input on our experimental beers, but we also want The U.R.B. to be a place where these same folks can hang out, drink beer, grab a slice, and engage in conversations about brewing or anything else.”

4/Pizza By the Slice
Wolfe’s quote brings up another feature of the new space: a pizza-by-the-slice counter. We know there’s an incredible selection of international eats in The Grove, but sometimes you and the gang just want to help yourselves to a slice of ‘za, and move on—carryout box free.

5/ Community
The U.R.B will also be a spot for beer enthusiasts to sink into deep conversations, learn more about the craft and to make new connections. In the future, the space will host events like taste panels, home brewer discussions and focus groups—all in the name of great  craft beer.

The U.R.B. (Urban Research Brewery)
4501 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110
Visit The U.R.B. online
Visit The U.R.B. on Facebook.

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