What to Expect from ALIVE's First Creativity Issue

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With the launch of the Creativity Issue, our Editor, Rachel Brandt, invites you to join us in celebrating art, creation and community in the city of St. Louis. Do your part: bring the content to life (literally) with augmented reality, add color to the masthead and support the local artists represented.   

WE ARE ALL BORN CREATIVES. In October of 1976, TIME Magazine quoted Pablo Picasso saying, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” We believe art begins as a spark in our mind and the fire is stoked in our hearts as it burns into the creations we produce throughout our lifetime. Perhaps for some, those creations are a lasting and impactful touch that is left with a loved one. For others, artistic legacies may include an award-winning piece of music or a painting hanging in SLAM.

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A person’s gifts can create opportunity, and as Sarah Hermes Griesbach demonstrates, with the proper resources and support, those gifts can mold a career and build community. Often the process of creative pursuit and artistic expression is what bring the most satisfaction. James McAnally’s reflection on the creative process takes you deep into the mind of several local artists and what impact culture may have had on their vision and artistic promulgation.

In our first Creativity Issue, we focus on juxtaposing the stories of local creators with moving imagery to spark inspiration. From the refugees crafting beautiful work at Narrative Furniture to the traditional barbering of Megan Nichols at Union Barbershop, our region is rich with artists producing in a multitude of media. Get lost in the literary works of poet Eileen G’Sell and playwright Nancy Bell. Pull out your colored pencils and doodle on the masthead. Flip through the stunning photo essays filled with fine art and Pantone-inspired fashion.

With this issue we’re also taking a bold step and introducing an interactive new way to experience bonus digital content using the pages of this magazine. Download the Layar App from Google Play or the App Store for free and enter a world of altered reality by scanning the pages with your smartphone. Every time you see the smartphone icon on a page, the app will reveal a world of fresh content that you can experience immediately upon scanning. We hope this addition will inspire you in real time, St. Louis, as you inspire us daily.

To the Picassos of our time, we see you. It takes balls of steel to keep showing up and saying “yes” to a creative life. But, as so many of us know, the choice of whether or not to continue making art is not our own. The feeling lives deep within us and presents itself in every detail of our lives, from what we wear to how we eat. Creatives of our region, we see you. We hear you. We are you.



Be sure to pick up a copy of the Creativity Issue at participating locations this week. Once you take it all in, tell us what you think using #ALIVEcreate for the chance to be featured.

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