What Makes St. Louis A Great Place For Makers?

While telling the stories of interesting people doing remarkable things in the heartland, we’ve noticed a compelling upswing in makers, entrepreneurs and artists relocating to St. Louis, the home of our movement. We have watched these avant-garde risk-takers redefine innovation, from artists creating installations and performance pieces to entrepreneurs launching new products and starting up incubator spaces. Instinctively, curiosity led us to the question: does St. Louis have specific qualities that render it fertile ground to create?

The grit of the rustbelt and historical architecture, as well as world-class arts and educational institutions, speak for themselves as the perfect backdrop for creatives and innovators to make something original. But we suspect there’s more to the story. In this upcoming content series, we have set out to discover what has made St. Louis into a place where makers want to make. We will sit down with these artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries from the region to learn more about their work and to ask them why St. Louis is the best place to create it.

Our first interview is with St. Louis-based installation artist Carlie Trosclair, who is originally from New Orleans and came to St. Louis to acquire her MFA from Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts. She fell in love with the architecture and the creative community, and today she rarely misses an opportunity to laud the city’s accessible funding available for artists. Continue reading as we talk with Trosclair and makers like her who have agreed to help us uncover the answers we can’t find on our own. Full story here. 

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