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When it comes to weddings, “anything goes” is the norm; its less about traditional and more about showing who you are as a couple by incorporating unique and personal touches into the ceremony and reception. For inspiration on how to think outside the box for your big day, we asked St. Louis couples to share their own wedding day details.


Indulging their sweet side, Margo Schwartz and Drew Newman not only had a cupcake tower, but also a candy station—that Drew’s cousin bought and set up from Sam’s—at their reception. Photos by J. Pollack Photography.

Couple Regina Curran and Eric Oppelz gave out cigars and cutters and flavored cigars for the women as party favors. Photo by Joel Marion Photography.

Liz and Dave Corrigan went with the nontraditional trend and had several pies, that went along with the romantic vintage theme of the wedding, for dessert from Sugaree Baking instead of wedding cake. Photo by Megan Thiele.

Adding a unique touch to their reception, Jill Scognamiglio and Kai Schaller had their engagement photos printed as labels on Jones glass soda bottles that went with the blue, green and white colors of their wedding and placed at tables for guests to enjoy. Photo by J. Pollack Photography.

Emily and Neal Klasing wanted to pass out favors that held meaning for them and rang true to theirvalues. Fans of whole, natural foods and supporting local farms, the couple gave out eco-friendly packets of heirloom seeds from Baker’s Creek in Mansfield, MO. Photo by Megan Thiele.

Couple Kristen Chopra and Brad Carey ditched the traditional wedding program for a unique program that opened up into a fan. They also went with a sand ceremony instead of the symbolic unity candles. Photos by J. Pollack Photography.

Courtney Willibrand and Richard Proctor served their favorite St. Louis dessert, Ted Drewes, to their guests. Photo submission by Cosmopolitan Events and Westrich Photography.

Erin Sage and Carl Vogliardo had Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head at the entry table to greet their guests when they received their table assignments. Photo by J. Pollack Photography.

Kathy Kitchin and Michael Kane wanted a unique and cozy way of saying goodnight to their guests, so they said sweet dreams with milk (bottle design by M. Haley) and cookies from Serendipity. Photo submission by Cosmopolitan Events and Kristen Mueller of Synergy photography.

At the wedding of Lindsey Stock and Justin Schmidt, guests signed two plates for the couple to take home and treasure afterward—Lindsey keeps them on display in their
dining room. Photo by J. Pollack Photography.


1258_494.jpgMargo Schwartz and Drew Newman’s wedding

1287_494.jpgJill Scognamiglio and Kai Schaller’s wedding

1288_494.jpgLiz and Dave Corrigan’s wedding

1289_494.jpgJill Scognamiglio and Kai Schaller’s wedding

1290_494.jpgEmily and Neal Klasing’s wedding

1291_494.jpgKristen Chopra and Brad Carey’s wedding

1292_494.jpgKristen Chopra and Brad Carey’s wedding

1293_494.jpgCourtney Willibrand and Richard Proctor’s wedding

1294_494.jpgKathy Kitchin and Michael Kane’s wedding

1295_494.jpgLindsey Stock and Justin Schmidt’s wedding

1305_494.jpgErin Sage and Carl Vogliardo’s wedding


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