We Begin Here: One Kansas City Couple’s Love Story

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Where one ends, the other begins. This applies in many loving relationships, but the saying held true before Desiree Penn and Mike Ivers had even met. They were introduced when Mike was leaving his job at a youth ministry in Texas, and Desiree arrived to take his place. After discussing the job via Facebook over the course of a few months, a spark of a affection turned into a flame.


Fast-forward two years and three months, and Desiree awoke in her Kansas City apartment to find instructions for the day taped to the bathroom mirror. She was to get ready for brunch at Succotash (the couple’s favorite spot) and bring along a change of date-night clothes. Mike was setting the stage for forever.


After spending the day driving around KC’s eccentric neighborhoods, and a surprise massage for Desiree, Mike put his plan in motion. He dropped Desiree off at his place, where another note instructed her to get all dolled up and head back outside. There, Mike, a borrowed 1965 Mustang convertible and an incredible evening awaited her.


Together they drove through the city and stopped off at a much-loved bakery. Here, Desiree says she knew exactly what was coming, and the nerves were starting to set in. Their day-long date ended at a date night favorite, Blue Bird Bistro. When they arrived, the waiter led the couple upstairs to a room filled with pictures of their life. At the table, Mike opened a journal and began reading off a list of memories the two had created. Then, he dropped to one knee, looked up at Desiree and asked her to be his wife. So overcome with joy and excitement, the now-bride-to-be almost forgot to say yes.


On the day of their wedding, rain unexpectedly moved their outdoor wedding indoors. With some quick thinking and coordination help from friends and family, the day played out smoothly. Surrounded by their loved ones in their romantic garden setting, the couple fondly remembers privately exchanging vows and planting a symbolic lemon tree, which is still thriving today.

This story originally appears in ALIVE Wedding.

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