Wayfarer Coffee Mobilizes The Coffeehouse Concept

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The latest wave in the coffee craze is being brewed up by two industry experts – Tim Drescher, owner of Kuva Coffee, and the talented area barista, Paul Nahrgang – who are launching a pop-up concept called Wayfarer Coffee in mid- to late August. Thanks to a custom cart crafted by Josh Shepherd, Wayfarer can set up a fully functional coffee shop anywhere from farmers markets and tattoo parlors to bars and breweries.

Image courtesy of Paul Nahrgang

Image courtesy of Paul Nahrgang

“We wanted to be able to bring that full coffee shop experience everywhere we go,” said Nahrgang, “and instead of waiting for people to show up at a brick-and-mortar location, we are able to go where the people are.”

The name nods to the nomadic nature of the concept since the definition of a wayfarer is one who travels by foot. Even though Wayfarer will not have a permanent storefront to call home, Drescher and Nahrgang are dedicated to delivering a high-quality, third wave coffee experience to every location. “Tim and I both specialize in roasting single-origin coffee,” said Nahrgang, and ”we like to highlight the uniqueness of different coffees from all over the world.”

By working with single-origin beans, Drescher and Nahrgang will focus on highlighting the complexities and nuances of each variety throughout the roasting, grinding and brewing process. All of the Wayfarer coffees will be brewed by hand with siphon brewers, V60 ceramic drippers and cold brew contraptions along with some other experimental methods.

Drescher and Nahrgang debuted Wayfarer earlier this month to raving reviews at the National Donut Day celebration in Maplewood. They are currently planning a tour of pop-ups with popular businesses, eateries and venues across St. Louis. Follow Wayfarer on Instagram and Twitter for further updates.

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