Want To Know How to Hand-Make Pasta? Let Katie Lee Collier Show You

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Shortly after opening the doors of Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria in Rock Hill, the owners, Katie Lee Collier and Ted Collier, set out to give St. Louisans a valuable resource—knowledge. They wanted to arm the city with the know-how to make delicious Italian dishes themselves, so the team launched a video series.

From Scratch With Katie: Fusilli Noodle with Cauliflower, Lemon Cream Pistachio Sauce from Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria on Vimeo. Find more videos on Katie’s Pizza and Pasta Osteria on YouTube.

What you see in these twice-monthly “From Scratch with Katie” videos may come directly from Katie’s menu and kitchens—like her eggplant parmigiana or black spaghetti—but it’s also a way for her and her chefs to flex their creative muscles. Katie says when she sets out to make a video, she and her team are using innovative ways to make both the videos and her tasty creations. Look for playful videos featuring easy ways to hand-make fusili, bow-tie pasta, blood orange panna cotta and more. Plus, keep your eye out for videos where Rolando sneaks into the frames—you won’t be able to miss him.

Is there a dish you’d like to know how to make, a tool you’re not sure how to use, or a request you’d like to submit? Send it Katie’s way! She and her team have already made videos inspired by requests and Katie says they’re more than thrilled to tackle a local’s question, because it’s more than likely that other people are asking the same thing.

With these videos, there’s no catch; the team isn’t trying to convince you to buy anything. It’s more important to the company that they’re building relationships and trust with St. Louis, because that’s what Katie, her husband, chefs and waitstaff value most. In each video, she presents the steps, ingredients, plus some history and will walk you through the execution. She’s simply working from the spirit of giving.

The subject of her most recent video—instructions on how to use her newest endeavor, the pizza kit—is the perfect example of that giving come to life. The company wants to offer busy families an easy way to enjoy delicious Italian in a convenient way, and Katie wants to know exactly what her customers think about it. If it doesn’t work, she’s dedicated to making improvements. As she says in the video, St. Louisans are instrumental in helping the company decide if the service is valuable.

To keep up with Katie’s videos, subscribe to the whole catalogue on Vimeo and YouTube and follow along on Facebook, where the videos debut each month.

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