Visit Midwest Coffee Roaster Sump Coffee in St. Louis and Nashville

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Conversations about where to find the best cup of joe in St. Louis may get heated amongst the city’s ardent coffee-lovers, but you’d find few who didn’t agree that Sump Coffee on Jefferson in Marine Villa is one of St. Louis’ finest. You’re also unlikely to come across a more-dedicated roaster than proprietor Scott Carey, called by one Yelp reviewer “the powerful bearded coffee demi-god of St. Louis.” You’ll find Carey busily winding his way across the venue’s smooth bar top taking orders, aiding guests with their daily caffeine fix as he peers out from underneath his signature beard.

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Carey, who obsessively roasts all beans himself, sources in-season beans from around the world and roasts them in a way that brings out their best possible flavor. Listening to him share his inspiration, it’s abundantly clear that Carey is an expert on the subject, something of a mad coffee scientist hell-bent on finding the greatest possible outcome. Carey also opened a second location in Nashville,  during the fall of last year, which Sump devotees can find in Music City’s Midtown neighborhood, walking distance from Centennial Park.

Sump Coffee
3700 S Jefferson Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri, 63118

Sump Coffee
8 City Blvd Ste. 103
Nashville, Tennessee, 37209

All images courtesy of Sump Coffee

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