Vie Stands To Change Minds About The Atmosphere Inside A Boutique

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Vie Boutique in Ladue is known for its contemporary and refreshing line of brands and styles that are equal parts timeless and trendy. Owner Melodie Tauben ensures that everyone who comes into her store walks away happy, and most importantly, confident. The list of labels includes fashion staples like Alice + Olivia and J. Brand, along with a long list of jewelry designers from Safia to Virgins, Saints & Angels. While the brand names are at the top of everyone’s “must-have” list, Tauben encourages clients to buy pieces they love that are going to be signature pieces in their closet.


Photo by Attilio D’Agostino

“We try to have a really nice selection, and I’m buying more with an eye toward what is really going to look good on the people that come in here. I’m less concerned with what’s on trend. Of course the designers I’m buying from are always going to be solidly on trend, but that’s not what I’m worried about.”

When stepping into Vie, you know you’re going to be given an honest opinion and that sales aren’t pushed on the customer. The sales team is attentive while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere, something that department stores can sometimes lack.

Tauben’s mission is to change people’s idea of what the atmosphere inside of a boutique is. “Sometimes people can be intimidated coming into a boutique; we try to overcome that with customer service,” she explains. “We have a friendly staff that isn’t on commission that can help help with anything from a quick hostess gift to a new pair of jeans or a cocktail dress. We have a wide selection of fits and price points.”

At Vie, Tauben is acutely aware of her clientele and makes sure that whenever buying pieces for the store, the client is the first thing she thinks of.  She’s also careful to keep in mind price points, as well, curating a variety of pieces.

“I always have a mind toward value. I think, ‘would I buy this?’ especially when things start to be a little bit more expensive,” she says. “In the Midwest, we’re a little bit more careful with how we spend our money. We need to perceive that value, and know that we’re going to wear it a lot. So I keep that in mind.” The thoughtfulness behind each piece in the store is what makes it stand apart from other retail outlets in St. Louis.

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