Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. to Open Third Location in Germany

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Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. has purchased land to open a small brewery in founder and brewmaster Florian Kuplent’s homeland of Bavaria, with plans to brew small batches of its beers in Germany.

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After a brewery recently closed in Wolnzach, Hallertau, St. Louis-based Urban Chestnut was given the ideal opportunity to own and operate a brewery in Germany—which is something they were hoping would be possible. Wolnzach is located in the world’s largest-producing region of hops, and Hallertau, Bavaria is also the home of The German Hops Museum.

“Since my apprenticeship as a teenager at Erharting Brauerei, I’ve always dreamed of owning my own brewery in Bavaria,” says Kuplent in a statement. “I’m thinking we might be a little crazy opening our third brewery in 5 years, which is much sooner than we planned, but the Wolnzach opportunity was too good to pass up.”

urban chesnut brewery germanyThe Wolnzach venture will likely open later this year and while it may be the smallest of the three Urban Chestnut locations—which opened its second location in The Grove last year—it will be utilized to brew beers to distribute throughout Europe as well as craft unique, German-brewed beers that will export to the United States. It will also serve as a spot to import and export raw materials, beer and other goods to and from the US.

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Photos courtesy of Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.

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