Uniting Home And Garden At Bowood Farms

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When you walk along the sidewalk up to Bowood Farms, you’re surrounded by the smells of vegetables, soil and flowers. The bright chartreuse doors open to the greenhouse-like space which is, in a word, amazing. Your senses are overloaded with things to touch, see, eat and smell. Gifts and plants fill the Central West End location where the two owners and sisters, Lizzy Rickard and Katherine McPheeters, are inspired by the idea of merging home and garden.

You can get lost in Bowood Farms for hours devouring the selection of plants and home décor. The offerings change seasonally and there is always something new to discover. “There’s a wide variety with a mixture of small makers that are represented. Some have grown significantly since we started buying from them a few years ago. It’s a space and a store where we can change and evolve,” McPheeters explains, pointing to the light-filled shop where people mill around, browsing through their varied selection.


Photo by Attilio d’Agostino

Bowood Farms has established a strong identity in the middle of the CWE. “We were looking for a space and this was the perfect fit because it already had a quality of creativity and design and we wanted to recreate and bring ‘new life’ to the space and surrounding area,” explains Rickard. “We wanted to be involved in the city’s revitalization. When we first started, the street was blocked off to Euclid and that’s now open. It’s been fun to watch our part of the neighborhood come to life.”

The large space is home to not only Bowood Farms, but their restaurant Café Osage which won ALIVE’s Burger Battle with the chef’s delicious take on the well-known BrieLT Sandwich. In the warmer months, the outdoor courtyard and nursery are filled to the brim with perennials, annuals, herbs, vegetables and shrubs, a most of which are grown on their family farm in Clarksville, Missouri.

The store, which will be celebrating its ten-year anniversary in 2016, will be taking on a new project in the new year–classes. “We have a dedicated space which we are calling The Studio at Bowood that is almost ready to go and we’ll be launching workshops, events and classes. The classes and workshops will involve food, craft and garden,” explains Rickard. At Bowood, plants are more than plants. “Having plants inside and outside, whether it’s one or a hundred, connects you to nature and makes you feel good about yourself and your space. That’s really important to us.”

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