Two Midwesterners To Launch New Fashion App, Trendly

 In Style

Do you ever wish you could shop the closets of your favorite fashionable Instagramers? If so, a new app developed by two Midwest natives aims to grant that wish in a new and unique way.

Photo courtesy of @betrendly

Photo courtesy of @betrendly

Developers Michael Riddering and Chris Huxley have joined forces to create Trendly, an app for your phone that allows users to shop up-and-coming brands directly through photos of real people. Releasing in July 2016, Trendly hopes to inspire people to connect with the brands that authentically fit their lifestyle rather than what is popular and cool, inspiring users to cultivate their personal style.

“We believe everyday people should be recognized for sharing their experiences with the brands they love, and that as a culture it’s time we redefined what it means to be an influencer,” said Huxley. The app allows users to easily connect and monetize. Users can shop directly from each others photos, discover new brands, and make money by earning a commission when people shop from their own posts. View more information about the app on their website.

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