Trend To Wear Now: 4 Ways To Wear Loafers

By Sarah Stallmann
In Style

Although boots have had a monopoly on the fall and winter footwear market for what seems like forever, a new shoe option is nudging its way into our closets and adding a bit more style to our layered-up looks: the loafer.


Photo by Alex Isbell

Loafers are nothing new. Considered a “must” for men for decades, only fairly recently did they pop up on the feet of stylish women everywhere, from celebrities to bloggers and beyond. Since the term “menswear” no longer implies that it’s just for the boys—and collegiate chic is a forever trend—it’s only natural that we can rock a loafer among the best of ’em. Here are some fashion formulas to follow that will guarantee your look an A+.

1/ Pleated trousers + slim cut turtleneck +  silk neck-scarf + vintage buckle belt + penny loafer

2/ Skinny jean + oversized sweater + wide brim hat + tassel loafer

3/ Pleated skirt + tie-neck blouse +  cardigan + knee-high socks + buckle loafer (brogues)

4/ Baggy, destroyed denim (cuffed) + perfect tee + blazer + leather belt + statement necklace + pointy-toe loafer


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