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Trackbill—co-founded by 24-year-old CEO Steven Marciniak (right) and 18-year-old CTO Sam Sullivan (left)—is a platform allowing companies, lobbyists and activist groups to track bills throughout the legislative process. Since arriving to St. Louis in the beginning of 2013, the company has become one of the hottest startups in the city. Just last December Trackbill completed its expansion into all 50 states.

How Trackbill got its start We looked into building a project to track legislation for one client, but started to see the value in building out the technology for a number of lobbyists and others across the country. So we decided to create a business and make it available to everybody.

Company Mission To bring more transparency to government by creating a solution that incorporates a lot of the technology of today to give better insight into what the government is doing, and arm people with that information so they can better advocate for their different causes.

What makes Trackbill unique The key component that sets us apart is nationwide tracking of legislative activities in all 50 states with one platform. And our comprehensive search so you can get broader awareness of the bills affecting your interests.

On launching the company [Steven] The company was originally self-funded. For a little while, I was trying to scrape by while working at a hotel at the same time as working on the company. I was pretty broke. I was staying at a friend’s house for a little bit, on food stamps and eating almost solely peanut butter and jelly.

Success factor We’ve gotten a lot of support from St. Louis ever since we moved here in February of 2013. Everyone has been supportive of what we do. We were part of Capital Innovators program, got some angel investments, an Arch Grant and most recently, Cultivation Capital funding. When we arrived in St. Louis, we were a few months behind on the bills and had 90 cents in our bank account.

Proudest Moment to Date When we reached all 50 states by the end of last year. People didn’t think we’d make our deadline, which shows that we can live up to our word. It was a huge testament to what we’re capable of.

Focus for 2014 Now that we’ve received the second half of our half-million-dollar investment from Cultivation Capital, our focus has shifted largely to sales and marketing efforts, so that’s going to be at the forefront—generating as much revenue as possible.

Vision for the company in three, five or 10 years [Steven] I really can’t tell you what we have planned for five years. I can’t even tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow. Our goal is to make an exit in four years with a $50-million valuation.




Photo credit: Attilio D’Agostino

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