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23, Hairstylist, Dominic Michael




Describe your personal style. I’d like to think my personal style is pretty unpredictable. One day I’ll wear a snapback, tank top and Vans, and the next, I’ll be wearing seersucker pants and wingtips.
What are you wearing today? Today, I’m wearing a patterned Salt Valley buttonup from Urban Outfitters, Civil Society seersucker pants from Sole & Blues and brown wingtip shoes from Aldo. My accessories consist of a gold Movado watch from Nordstrom and this fedora I’m holding from Aldo.
How does your personal style translate into the clothes you wear professionally? Luckily, as a hairstylist, I can pretty much wear what I want with few regulations.
What’s your most recent fashion obsession? Some of the pieces I’ve worn lately have lots of vintage and ’50s influence.
What runway trends are you loving right now? I love rolling my pants with almost any outfit during warmer months.
What item from your closet can you not live without? I can’t live without my Levi’s, plain and simple.
What is your go-to piece? My go-to piece would have to be my denim vest.
Which designers are you obsessed with? I love Civil Society, Hawkings McGill and Salt Valley Western.
Where do you shop in STL? I shop at Sole & Blues, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and SwedLife.
What is your biggest fashion pet peeve? Seeing guys wearing white tennis shoes with jeans‰ÛÓcut it out!


Photo credit: Carmen Troesser

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