Tips To Stay Motivated While Working From Home

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If you are lucky enough to have a job where you can work from home, you probably already know that the distractions can be quite fierce. The cat! The dog! That speck of dust! Do I need to redecorate my living room right now? Can I multi-task trashy daytime TV with due-by-end-of-day financial reports?

On one hand, working from home gives you the independent freedom to work at your own pace, limit distractions and not have to deal with pesky micromanagement or rash overhead lighting. On the other hand, the comforts of home can damper your productivity. Here are a few tips for keeping your motivation high while working in your home office.

1/ Structure your day like you would in the office. Time management is an important way to stay on track no matter where your office is located. Blocking out times of the day for necessary tasks is a great way to keep things organized and encourage you to take breaks between challenging projects.

2/ Don’t skip lunch. Taking lunch at your desk at times may seem necessary, but trust us–by midday your brain needs a break. Even if it means leaving your work area to enjoy a sandwich on the couch, squeezing in 30 minutes to an hour of “away from desk time” will make a world of difference.

3/ Create a designated work space. Having a space in your home that’s just for work rather than working from your bed or the couch does wonders for your “get it done” genes.

4/ Don’t sacrifice your morning routine. Even though you don’t technically have to be anywhere in the mornings, treating your workday at home like a workday away will help ensure you are getting your time in and staying on track. Don’t ignore your morning rituals just because you only need to travel a few feet to get to work.

5/ Work off-site and leave your house when you can. Hold meetings away from home or just head to a coffee shop for a few hours in the afternoon to ensure that you keep your work environment refreshed while remaining socially connected.

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