8 Tips To Master Creative Layering This Fall

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Ever see someone whose layered-to-perfection look leaves you thinking: “Why didn’t I think of that?” Luckily, the temps in the Midwest have finally dulled to a cool state of perfection, allowing us to once again experiment with creative layering options to make the most out of the transitional items that are in our closets. Here are a few tips:

Chloe, Vetements, Loewe AW16. Photos courtesy of the designers mentioned.

Chloe, Vetements, Loewe AW16. Photos courtesy of the designers mentioned.

1/ Camis (and anything spaghetti-strapped, for that matter) over everything. 
That silk cami that you normally just layer under things or wear to bed is your new favorite wear-with-anything piece. Layer it over a graphic tee, a plain fitted tee, a turtleneck or a button-down and wear it with your favorite jeans and mid-height heels.

2/ Play with proportions. 
Layer loose summery crop tops over drapey tunics, wear a trench over a maxi, or try a bralette over a tailored button-up. Playing with proportions and turning sensible “under clothes” into a layering accessory is your fall fashion game-changer.

3/ Dresses over pants. 
We swear we used to do this in elementary school and it’s back–this time, it’s a chic way to get some extra mileage out of your favorite summer silhouettes.

4/ Boxy tops over thin turtlenecks.
Those tops that look great with slim pants, but are hard to wear under a jacket because of the boxy silhouette? Just wear them as the “jacket” and layer them over a turtleneck sweater or a button-up blouse.

5/ Button-ups or turtlenecks under a jumpsuit. 
Jumpsuits can be worn year round, and while the option of layering something over them is appealing, it may turn into a bit of a fiasco once you have to go to the bathroom. A great alternative is to layer under, using thin knits or a button-up, belting the waist to ensure a shapely finish.

6/ Dresses over dresses. 
Once you play around with layering dresses over other dresses, you will wonder why you hadn’t tried it years ago.

7/ Tees over hoodies. 
Reverse the norm and layer a baggy tee over a hoodie for a sport-chic look.

8/ Strapless dresses over tops. 
That seasonally neutral strapless dress (or even a bustier dress) looks fab over a long-sleeved lace or sheer tee, a fitted button-up, or a thin turtleneck.

Featured phtoto: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Louis Vuitton, Emilio Pucci AW16. Photos courtesy of the designers mentioned.

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