Tips to Create a Motivational At-Home Work Space

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No matter the size or style of your home, you can create a personal workspace that fosters creativity, focus and efficiency by incorporating the right elements. Follow these tips to transform any area of your home into the perfect motivational work space.

1/ Make sure you have some sort of streamlined desk or table to dedicate as your work center. Regardless of whether or not you have an actual office space in your home, set up a desk in an area that limits distractions. A simple, minimalist desk is easy to find at every price point.

2/ With every desk comes the need for a desk chair that is comfortable, but not so comfortable that it prohibits you from getting work done. Opt for an ergonomic chair that supports good posture and will keep you focused and working comfortably for hours.

3/ Keep organized and avoid clutter. Invest in stylish pieces that can double as storage space and organizers. Opt for a clean, wooden desktop organizer that maintains a cool aesthetic while offering room for pencils, pens, notebooks an more—like this one from Etsy.

4/ Surround your space with inspirational art and decor that inspires you. Whether it’s a favorite motivational quote or beautiful photograph, make sure your space constantly reminds you of what drives you forward. Let your personal style and aesthetic shine through when choosing decor, but remember not to go overboard.

5/ Find the light. Try to set up your work space by an area in your home with lots of natural light; it’s been proven to boost your productivity.

6/ Cultivate a desk garden. There are plenty of options for a small desk garden that house plants, stones and natural elements. The desktop garden incorporates an element of nature and conveys serenity to keep you focused during stressful times.

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