Tips To Clean Up Your Closet In Between Seasons

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Transitioning into a new season can take a toll on your closet organization, but with these steps, you may just be able to gain the motivation—and organization—you need to take you into the next weather shift seamlessly.

1/ Do the big swap. Make yourself a playlist, grab a bottle of wine, and take the next rainy afternoon to do this right—which means swapping out your closet for the new season. Box up super summery merch in clear plastic bins, keep transitional items, and merchandise the rest like a clothing store would. We promise it will make getting dressed in the mornings so much easier.

2/ Go through your fall/winter items and keep what you love—donate or sell what you don’t. Sometimes the clothes you wore the season before just aren’t your style anymore. It’s best to start minimal by keeping the things you really love, rather than starting the season with excess closet clutter.

3/ Don’t forget to clean out your dresser. Unnecessary clutter can build up when you can’t see it, so going through your dresser/folded-up items is a must when cleaning up your wardrobe. It’s a a great time to see what you actually wore, and get rid of—or store—the things you didn’t.

4/ Organize your shoes. Sandals are very season-specific, so don’t forget to box up your summer shoe collection as well. Your boots will appreciate the extra space.

Photo by Alex Isbell.

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