Tips For A Stylish Work Day

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Some days it’s harder to get up in the morning and go to work than others, and it’s certainly even harder when you don’t know what to wear. Here are five easy tips to make your morning routine a bit easier—and a lot more stylish.

Work Look: Spring

1/ Ensure your clothes are the proper fit.

This may seem obvious, but when it comes to the traditional office attire, there is a lot more room for error standing in the way of being both comfortable and stylish for a day of work. Sure, your work wardrobe may not be the most fun genre to shop for, but ensuring you have well-fitting staple items (pant, blazer, a few poplins and a skirt) will make all the difference in the place you spend 40-hours a week or more. Also, getting specific items tailored is often a must.

2/ Invest in a great carry-all.
If you have a work bag that you designate to carry everything from paperwork to your lunch, investing in a quality carry-all not only appears more pulled-together, but will quickly become a day-to-day stylish accessory.

3/ Mix staples and statement pieces to keep your wardrobe looking fresh.
Interjecting color is one of the easiest ways to up the ante of your look. A printed blouse, a brightly hued blazer, pastel trousers or a metallic shoe are all great items that you can add at different times that will compliment your basics.

4/ Try the instantly flattering wrap-style.
A wrap dress, wrap skirt, or wrap top is an easy—and universally flattering—way to inject a bit more style in the work place, keeping a conservative look while adding a pop of instant chic.

5/ Don’t be afraid to be stylish at work.
Just because everyone dresses a certain way—i.e. boring—doesn’t mean you have to. It’s been proven that those who stand out from the crowd in a professional setting in a positive way remain top of mind for supervisors when it comes to promotions and projects.

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