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STL’s Bill Donius on the recent release of his first book.


Bill Donius isn't the first to recognize the largely untapped creative potential of the brain's right hemisphere (Roger Sperry won a Nobel Prize for that discovery in 1981). Nor is he the first to publish a book about tapping into that creativity—(“Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards has been required reading in art classes since its 1979 release). What Donius has done is to make the concept useful for the mainstream, not just scientists and artists.

A self-help book in the truest sense, “Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius” shows readers how to ask their own brains for solutions to their problems. The process is so simple that it tricks our logical left hemispheres into cooperating.

The methodology behind “Thought Revolution” involves tapping into right-brain creativity simply by writing with your non-dominant hand. Activating the right hemisphere is particularly helpful when you're dealing with a struggle or a mental block of some kind. “We get ingrained in our thought processes, and sometimes it's hard to take a different path,” Donius says. The beauty is that it's your own brain telling you how to break the pattern, not someone else.

The book describes the process through eight case studies on people who Donius has worked with personally. He shares the issues each of them were working through—from losing weight to marital problems to not succeeding at work—and describes how the process showed them what lies they were telling themselves and what they could do about it.

Donius has been holding right-brain writing sessions with individuals and small groups for a few years now, and he has been amazed by the transformational experiences he's witnessed. The decision to write a book about them came from a series of right-brain exercises of his own, a process Donius says is a journey, not a one-time revelation. “One session with me isn’t enough,” he says. “The book gives a protocol to change your life.”

Because the process is so hands-on and visual, there is already a production company talking with Donius about the possibility of picking up the concept for a reality series or talk show. The show would follow someone through the process, showing their writings and drawings as they make meaningful changes in their lives.

Attend the March 21 book signing and discussion at the St. Louis Public Library Schlafly Branch (225 N. Euclid Ave., 314.367.4120).



Bill Donius

Bill Donius


Thought Revolution by Bill Donius


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