These Gourmet Marshmallows Made In The Midwest Will Jazz Up Your Hot Chocolate

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It’s finally the season for the pairing we’ve all been waiting for: hot chocolate and marshmallows! Don’t sully your homemade chocolaty goodness with dried-up, store-bought marshmallows, though. Instead, indulge in hand-crafted, sugar-spun creations that artisans around the Midwest have fashioned. These gourmet goodies are exactly what you need when sitting in front of the fire with your warm mug and new book.

Check out the five shops below for the most divine ‘mallows your cocoa has ever seen.

1/ The Detroit Marshmallow Company—Detroit, Michigan
Bourbon Barrel Vanilla. Cherry Whiskey Cheesecake. Mango Vanilla 5 Spice. None of these are flavors you would expect to hear in the same sentence as “marshmallow,” but they’re going to take your cocoa to the next level. Keep an eye out for the shop’s rotating array of inventive flavors.

2/ North Mallow—Minneapolis, Minnesota
Remember all those times as a kid that you tried to roast a marshmallow at the bonfire but you ended up with a flaming ball of panic? North Mallow has your back.“Unlike marshmallows with artificial flavors and chemical preservatives, our mallows will never catch on fire,” the shop’s website says. With simple, clean flavors like caramel and chocolate, that’s definitely a promise we can get behind.

3/ Bang Candy Company—Nashville, Tennessee
For those of us with patience, Bang Candy Company has a variety of marshmallow flavors just waiting to be gently toasted and set atop a steaming mug of joy, like Chocolate Espresso or Pumpkin. For those of us who just can’t wait for the cocoa, they’ve got us covered, too: the shop offers a “Naked Marshmallow Bag” full of an assortment of current flavors. Rip it open in the car and enjoy.

4/ Kakao—St. Louis, Missouri
When you order marshmallows online at Kakao, your options are “vanilla bean” or “flavored.” Sure, something labeled simply as “flavored” may make some folks a little anxious, but just trust us. With past flavors ranging from Passionfruit Blueberry to Chocolate-Dipped Churro, this particular surprise is one you’re guaranteed to love.

5/ 240sweet—Columbus, Indiana
The flavors available at 240sweet are what you might find when walking into a neighborhood bakery: Sugar Cookie, Snickerlicious, Birthday Cake, Crème Brûlée. These are only a handful of the delectable options available, though, and the shop offers Marshmallow Making classes, making this 240sweet a must-do.


Feature photo courtesy of 240sweet via Facebook.

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