The Pulitzer Arts Foundation's Renovation is Coming Along Very Nicely

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The Pulitzer Arts Foundation, under construction since August, is undergoing extensive renovations to open up two new galleries in the lower level’s former office spaces, slated to be completed by the end of February in anticipation of a May 1 opening. ALIVE checked out the new spaces on a construction tour, and, well, we have to say, it’s looking pretty good.

Here are a few cool things St. Louis has to look forward to…

Photo by Carly Ann Hilo, courtesy of the Pulitzer Arts Foundation.

Photo by Carly Ann Hilo, courtesy of the Pulitzer Arts Foundation.

  1.  The two new galleries, E and F, replace former staff offices (now located across the street). The spaces are long and narrow, with 10-foot acoustic ceilings and capabilities for temporary walls, meaning that the space can be manipulated for the exhibitions. The spaces of transition—stairways, entrances and vestibules—are open, resulting in what the architectural and engineering team call a “three-story one-story building.”
  2. Data cables will be run behind the walls of galleries E and F, allowing for advanced technological capacities in the exhibition spaces (like iPad-controlled A/V)—and new experiences for visitors. Sneak peek of what’s to come: Aural components with visual exhibits like the Pulitzer’s inaugural Alexander Calder show, creating a multi-sensory way to experience art.
  3. The technological advances will help the organization fulfill its unique position in the St. Louis arts and museum community, what programs coordinator Philip Matthews calls “simultaneously a sanctuary and laboratory,” a space for contemplation of art but also one for risk-taking exhibits and innovative collaboration.


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