The Perfect Fit

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Sweet gestures and personal touches show the world what this couple knew all along.


THE BRIDE Megan Meyer 26, Owner of Meka Boutique
THE GROOM Billy Adkison 28, Director of Personal Training for Club Fitness' DFM

In 2010, Meg was in the market for a personal trainer and Billy was the one waiting at her first session. She instantly felt comfortable with him, and they became fast friends. One night, after a walk in Creve Coeur’s Millennium Park, the two sat in Billy’s truck sharing ice cream and stories late into the night—so late, in fact, that they were unknowingly violating an “in the park after dark” policy. Police officers approached the truck and asked them to leave, but Billy wasn’t letting that happen without showing Meg how he felt first. With the bright red and blue lights strobing in through the windows, Billy quickly leaned in for a first kiss—and Meg knew he was the one.

In September 2011, Billy told Meg they would be attending a wedding reception—so she was surprised when he came to pick her up in a white limo, dressed in a full tuxedo and holding a hot-pink rose. The limo took them to Meg’s high school, and Billy reminded her how they often wished they had known one another for their senior prom. He presented her with a corsage and escorted her into the school, where a sign was waiting that read, “Prom: Class of Meg & Billy.” They danced together in a room decorated with twinkling lights and a disco ball, and when the song “Marry Me” by Train began to play, Billy dropped to one knee and proposed with a stunning custom-made ring from Genovese Jewelers. With tears in her eyes, Meg quickly said “yes.”

As a boutique owner, Meg was thrilled to pick out the perfect dress for her big day. Right after the engagement, she headed to Dallas Market for Meka’s spring buying, and found a gorgeous gown at a nearby Italian bridal expo. She had already planned to travel with her mother and bridesmaids to Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City, and although she was sure she wouldn’t find a dress that would compare, they went through with the trip. Designer Pnina Tornai showed up with a rack of new dresses—and sure enough, one of them called out to Meg and her friends as “the one.” The designer even worked with Meg personally to tweak a few details and make the dress her own. For the shoes, the bride had her heart set on a pair of six-inch lace booties from London designer Charlotte Olympia— which, with size five feet, she had to get on special order from the UK.

On the big day, Meg arrived at Saint Monica Catholic Church and sat for a few bridal portraits before the ceremony. Her father presented her with a vintage leopard-print suitcase, which she’d had her eye on for ages. Billy had filled it with everything a bride could possibly need on her wedding day—including a protein bar, handmade card and a silver bracelet with their Corinthians 13:13 verse inscribed for her “something new.” But Meg had a surprise up her sleeve, as well. During the reception at The Four Seasons, the DJ announced it was time for Billy to find his new bride for the garter toss. He went to look for her in the lounge, and his jaw dropped when he found Meg sitting on a 450 Honda motocross bike, complete with plates boasting his number 818 from his days as a professional AMA motocross racer.

Meg and Billy put their own personal spin on everything from the rings to the cake. For her ring, Billy ensured that the custom round-cut diamond’s setting had an A carved into each side. The design was replicated in the impressive ice sculpture of the ring on display at the reception. For Billy’s ring—also custom-made from Genovese Jewelers—Meg’s fingerprints decorate the brushed rose-gold band. Using inspirations from Etsy and Pinterest, Meg designed the four-layer wedding cake herself, along with the personalized bottles of moscato presented to each guest.










Photo credit: Lee Photography

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