The New Wave of BBQ

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A handful of new barbecue joints around town are sure to rub your appetite the right way.

Mama Carlie’s is the spot for true STL-style barbecue—tender, grilled meat sauced only at your request. Owners Clarence Moore and his mother Carlie promise to titillate your taste buds with their secret sauce recipe, homemade desserts and unique twists on traditional barbecue dishes.

Sugarfire Smokehouse breaks the mold with chef-inspired barbecue fare. Using only local meats and veggies, every dish is handmade and available in any quantity. Meats are hand-carved to your specification, and you can even choose your favorite homemade pie and ice cream to blend together for a one-of-a-kind milkshake.

Capitalist Pig is one of the only barbecue joints in town offering true barbecue dishes that are also completely sustainable. The meat is noticeably healthier and tastier, sourced from local and regional farms where animals are raised on vegetarian diets and produce is organic. located right in the middle of the Mad Art gallery, this pig is clearly making a statement.




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