The Learning to Speak Astrology Series: Charts

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An astrology chart is basically a diagram of the location of the planets in the zodiac signs around a circle of houses (see Part 1). Different charts are drawn for different purposes. Here are the most common:

sample birth chart

Birth Chart – A birth chart represents the location of planets at the exact time you were born. It is used to understand the basic make-up of your personality, the themes of your life journey, and your soul’s intention for this lifetime. It is very useful to understand your self or someone you love, like a partner, family member or child.

sample transit chart

Transit Chart – This chart has two rings of planets. The inner ring is basically your birth chart and the outer ring shows where the planets are at any particular moment in time, past or future. This chart is used to understand what dynamics are influencing your life at a particular time and is most helpful when looking at the longer range, and therefore more profound trends related to the slower moving outer planets.

Progressed Chart – Another way that astrologers can help you understand what is currently happening in your life is through a Secondary Progression. By advancing your birth chart one day for each year you’ve lived, believe it or not, insights can be gleaned mostly from the placements of the Sun, Moon and movement of other planets through Aspects and the Houses. These insights are primarily related to where you are in the unfolding of your potential during your lifetime. It provides a greater contextual backdrop to the more specific information attained through Transits.

sample relationship chart

Relationship Compatibility Chart –  By putting two people’s birth charts on top of one another (two rings), we can see how the dynamics of one person affect the dynamics of the other and visa-versa. Thus, you can see which of your sub-parts get along with which of your partner’s sub-parts and which are in conflict. If your Mars is in harmony with his/her Venus, there is an easy attraction and sustained sexual charge. If those same planets are in conflict, then there may be an initial sexual passion, but sustaining it could be a challenge.

Relationship Composite Chart – In this chart, the relationship is looked at as a third entity. By “blending” the birth charts of two people, what is created is a representation of how the “couple” is experienced, as a couple, by others when they are together. It can also give insight into joint goals, talents, gifts, and challenges.

Relocation Chart – This is a very different chart, not cast around a circle. It’s cast on a map of the world or a particular part of the world. By looking at how your birth chart relates to the surface of the planet, an astrologer can give you insights into how traveling to or moving to a new location will be experienced. It doesn’t change the basic dynamics of your life plan, but it does change the degree to which you experience the  different dynamics in your birth chart.

Barry Kerr is a soul-based, evolutionary astrologer and life coach, with 35 years of experience and an international clientele. He and his wife, Kristine Gay, a licensed therapist, are owners and practitioners at Choose Conscious Living in Madison, Wisconsin. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. They offer healing, coaching, therapy and astrology services. Barry offers astrology readings, coaching and healing by phone or Skype. Want more information? Contact Barry at

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