Updated: The Kitchen Sink To Close Central West End Location

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Foodies, you’re about to have a Kitchen Sink-sized hole in your eating plans until Anthony Ellerson Jr.’s new spot opens up Downtown. As of today, the Central West End location is closed.

Update: After reaching out about his situation, Ellerson Jr. decided to keep The Kitchen Sink open in the Central West End until the Downtown location opens, out of consideration for his employees and customers.

Photo courtesy of The Kitchen Sink

Photo courtesy of The Kitchen Sink

The issue that closed The Kitchen Sink (for what Ellerson initially estimated would be a week) has been a standing problem for the past two years, he says. In the back of his business on the ground floor of West End City Apartments, the pipe that connects to his employee bathroom has been broken. When the health inspector came calling this week, the issue was flagged, and Ellerson brought his landlords into the conversation. Friday morning, Ellerson found the ground dug up and the cracked pipe exposed, just down the hall from the kitchen. For health and safety reasons, Ellerson had to keep the open sign off and turn away, by his count, at least 77 people just between the hours of 11am and 1pm.

Now, Ellerson says he’s had enough; he’s closing the restaurant in the neighborhood he’s so fond of because of the many problems he’s had with the building in the almost two years he’s been there.

Going down the laundry list of issues, Ellerson cited different locations where the ceiling fell in, several times on customers; where the ceiling caught fire due to faulty wiring above the entirety of his dining room; floor tiles that aren’t approved to be in a kitchen, resulting in greasy, unsafe floors; warped natural wood above the bar that is unstable; a wall he was told by a contractor “is held together by office staples,” which led to more ceiling tiles falling on customers.

In each instance, Ellerson says his landlord has responded with subpar solutions. Where the ceiling tiles were burned, they were painted over. In other locations, cheap or ill-fitting tiles fill their place.

Having grown up in the neighborhood, Ellerson is sad about the decision, but he says he just doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. On the first day of his decision, he says he’s mostly worried about all the people who will have to cancel their Kitchen Sink Mother’s Day plans due to a problem that is out of his hands.

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