The King Of Beers Sports A New Crown

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AB InBev pulled out all the stops last night to introduce its newest beer, Black Crown, to the hometown crowd at Lumen. The DJ was spinning, lights were flashing and the Black Crown models were out in force posing for pics and handing out samples of this latest AB creation. As the story goes, last year Budweiser commissioned its 12 brewmasters to come up with new visions of what Bud could be. This “Project 12” group ended up with six different versions, which were then tasted nationwide by 25,000 beer aficionados, and the most popular brew became Black Crown. The same Budweiser yeast is used in the new beer so it has many of the same characteristics Bud fans have grown to love. But it’s darker in color and has a bit more body, and there’s more hops in the mix. The alcohol has been bumped up slightly as well, to an even 6% ABV as opposed to Budweiser’s 5%. Billboards are already up around town, and there’s going to be a big commercial push during the Superbowl on Sunday, February 3, but beer drinkers can get their hands on Black Crown next week when it officially hits store shelves. Judging by how many empties were being picked up from railings and tables last night, AB just may have another classic on its hands.

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