The horror! Sex in horror films

Some of us have had relationships that are horrifying and some simply horrible. Much like a horror movie, relationships can inspire fear, absurdity and resilience. Even Jason and Michael Meyers have their admirers.

I confess I am a HUGE horror movie fan. I like to be scared. And it is even better when I have the object of my affection next to me to hold my hand or any other body part. Horror movies can bring a couple together. And there is usually nakedness to cut the tension…or cut off something…in the film.

Sex plays a big part in most horror movies. Someone topless is going to get shanked… or chain sawed…or bludgeoned to death. It goes with the territory. Seems a little unfair. Just when you’re having a good time you get wacked? Are these characters being punished for their promiscuity?

Here are my main take- aways from most horror movies:

  • Virgins generally live to the end of the film. Damn those “goody two shoes”!
  • If you have sex in a horror movie, you will die – I know you learned this in Scream
  • Weird objects can kill you – All the Final Destination movies are a prime example of this. Who dies from having a fire escape jettison into your eye??
  • The boyfriend tends to be the killer or main suspect in the shenanigans

I’m not saying your boyfriend is an axe welding murder with mommy issues but… it’s worth taking into consideration.

These “splatter” films have been studied to death, pun intended, by psychologists and researchers for the connections between violence and women’s sexuality. Plenty of white papers and academic musing support the idea that women owning their sexuality in slasher films generally get killed. Horrifying, right? I’m no psychologist but I would agree there can be too close of a connection to this.

However, this is a fun blog and horror movies are fictional for the most part. They are meant to be enjoyed and NOT taken seriously. Like this blog. I think of horror films as the best of both worlds. My date gets to feel like the protector when I get a little freaked out, we get to see some sexy flesh and at the end of the day, it’s two hours of entertainment. I’ll leave the head shrinking theories to the professionals.

So for something fun to ponder, check out Horror Fanzine’s list of the top 20 sex scenes in horror movies. This site is a bit racy so be warned. It provides still shots of nakedness. I’m warning you in advance. But, it is a lighthearted look at who bites the dust the best when in a pretzel position. How’s that for horror sexy?? Also check out Hall of the Dragon’s the top 10 sexiest horror films. This site is a little more tame.

If you are a fan of all things gory and scary, the perfect “date night” event is coming up this weekend. Contamination 2011: The Sequel runs from Friday, June 24th through Sunday, June 26th at the Sheraton Chalet in Westport Plaza. Even the name of this convention has a horror movie title ring to it!

Big names this year are Eric Roberts and “The Boondock Saints” Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus and David Dela Rocco and Kane Hodder from “Friday the 13th parts 7-10”, Brad “Michael Myers” Loree from “Halloween Resurrection,” Bill “Leatherface” Johnson from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” and Tony “Candyman” Todd from ”Candyman 1-3.

COSTUMES ARE ENCOURAGED!!! There will be costume contests during the convention so get your best horror gear ready. You know you’ve been jones-ing to use that sexy Jason mask! Tickets for the weekend convention are available online now and range from $10 to $30.

Images courtesy of Dyer Straights Productions

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