Spring 2016's Haircut Of The Moment

 In Style

If your eyes have been anywhere near the high-fashion runways, surely you have spied a particularly prevalent coif on both men and women: the shag.

Alanna Arrington. Photo courtesy of models.com.

Alanna Arrington. Photo courtesy of models.com.

So, what makes this cut so special? The style is not only timeless, but versatile as far as the type of hair that works for this cut. There’s the straight shag, the wavy shag and the curly shag—the latter of which has been seen on ALIVE fashion editorial vet and Mother Model Alanna Arrington. Even Vogue has referred to the style as the “model mop,” citing it as spring’s hottest no-maintenance haircut.

The key to nabbing this style according to the pros behind the scenes? Keep the styling to a minimum, creating soft waves with a salt spray or simply adding a texturizer if your hair naturally has curl or volume. Va-va-voom.

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