The Get-Fit Guide: Tips and Trends

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Advice and news from fitness experts in the STL

The Thrill Seeker

Top Tips Chris Schmick, adventurer and owner of Upper Limits Climbing Gym, shares some tricks of the trade for your next outdoor adventure:

Do double and triple check all of your adventure gear for standard wear and tear prior to said adventure.
forget about Mother Nature. There’s nothing worse than being holed up in a tent with your stinky climbing buddies all day waiting for a storm to pass!
fully check out a new partner’s creds. For most adventure sports, your life is literally in their hands. Proper skills and training are essential for safety.

The Calorie Counter

Top Tips Renowned fitness trend expert Bianca Jade, Editor-in-Chief of, offers up this advice for those obsessed with counting calories:

Do eat a high-protein breakfast prior to an intense cardio session. Ultimately,
you’ll burn more calories by having the energy to power through.

Don’t forget the water. proper hydration is absolutely essential; dehydration can derail even the fittest of the calorie counters.

Do make it fun. Try spending a summer afternoon at the Boathouse in Forest Park—you won’t even know you’re exercising.

Do relieve muscle stress after an intense cardio session by hitting the yoga mat.

Fitness Trend Alert: Juice cleansing
Weight loss and glowing skin are just a few of the benefits of juicing. Just look at fashionably fit celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Salma Hayek, who  reportedly use juicing to shape up for red carpet events. A typical juice cleanse replaces meals with fresh-squeezed fruit and/or vegetable juice and varies in duration from one day to several weeks. Foroptimum weight loss, be sure to check the calories on labels (as if we needed to tell you). Alternately, if you’re juicing for detoxification purposes, always opt for organic blends. Juice up at VegaDeli, 177 Hilltown Village Center, Chesterfield, 636.536.6938.

The Workaholic

Top Tips Jamie Mushlin, a certified personal trainer and owner of Red Fitness Lounge, shares his top tips for staying healthy and fit while on-the-go:

Do calisthenics. Push-ups, planks, lunges and jump squats are all hotel room appropriate exercises that require absolutely no equipment. This combination will challenge your upper body, lower body and core.

Don’t forget to pack your jump rope. It’s one of the most portable ways to get a great cardio workout. Jamie suggests 100 jumps followed by 30 seconds of rest, five
to eight times.

Do pack portable, healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, protein bars and bottled water. Jamie’s favorite combo for both protein and fiber is one small apple and 14 almonds.

Health Trend Alert:
Get Centered

Take a break, workaholic—you deserve it. De-stress from your rigorous everyday routine with alternative fitness solutions. mainstream medicine is just now starting to understand what the holistic community has known for years; alternative therapies such as massage and acupuncture sometimes have benefits beyond what traditional modern medicine can offer. InMotion Health Center focuses on a variety of holistic practices, including massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, core strengthening and weight management. 7800 Clayton Road, Clayton, 314.644.2081.

The Yogi

Top Tips Seabrook Omura, an instructor at ZFit Studio and a 200-hour registered yoga teacher with The Yoga Alliance, shares her advice for the art:
Do make yoga a daily practice. If you don’t always have time for a class, take five minutes to sit quietly, tuning into your breathing and adding a few sun salutations if possible.

Don’t eat for three hours before practice. Energy that your body needs to digest food can make you feel sluggish and lethargic during yoga.

Do set an intention for your practice. Dedicating your energy in yoga can lead to more mindful and focused sessions.

Health Trend Alert: Be Holistic

Who can argue with a wellness center that has all of the benefits of holistic healing with a few soothing, spa-like treatments thrown in for good measure? At The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit, you’re just as likely to get a facial as you are acupuncture. The practitioners recognize that healing comes in many forms and so provide classes and services to help make you "your best you" possible. experience services such as Reiki, Energy Therapy and Shamanic Journey Work, or go the more mainstream route with facials, nutrition counseling and yoga. 7649 Delmar Blvd., The Loop, 314.725.6767.

The Social Butterfly

Top Tips As Editor-in-Chief of, Bianca Jade has tried nearly every kind of group exercise imaginable. Here’s a bit of her notoriously stylish advice for inspiration:

Do put fashion first. Bright, vibrant clothes that really show off your personality are great for keeping you extra motivated. Check out for ideas.

Don’t forget about your "after the gym" look. Bianca can almost always be found in fashion-forward fitness apparel that can take her from the gym to the market in style.

Do wear a broad spectrum sunscreen for all outdoor activity. Bianca recommends bypassing the beauty counter in favor of an active lifestyle version from the pharmacy.

Fitness Trend Alert: Kickin’ it Old School

If the sheer love of the game (kickball that is) doesn’t give you ample motivation to get off the couch and onto the field, maybe a post-game happy hour will do the trick. yep, that’s a happy hour after every single kickball game—once you join the league at Tower Grove Park. What more could a social butterfly ask for? How about an official kickball league t-shirt and a post-season party complete with free beer?

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