The Get-Fit Guide: Must-Try Workouts

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The best classes, studios and facilities in STL.


The Thrill Seeker

Ain’t no mountain high enough—or river deep enough—to keep you from making your heart pump. A certified adrenaline junkie, you’d rather jump off a bridge (literally) than be caught in the cardio room.

Rock Steady Take your climbing hobby to new heights with climb So iLL’s most advanced class. The Sharp End targets top rope climbers who are ready to take the lead, from catching falls to clipping draws and more. When you’re ready for an outdoor adventure, head to Upper Limits for outdoor climbing classes, including
tree climbing, basic self rescue and a climbing anchors course.;

Wet & Wild Hang out with fellow thrill-seekers by joining the St. Louis adventure Group. You’ll find yourself participating in a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities, including hiking, biking and camping with people who love the great outdoors as much as you do. For summer, we’re most pumped about the water-based adventures. Paddling, canoeing and kayaking are the status quo, and a leisurely float trip (or two) is just what the doctor ordered.

Just Tri It Join the Saint Louis triathlon club and keep up to speed on all of St. Louis’ latest races. The 2012 calendar isn’t limited to just triathlons. In fact, it’s jam packed with just about any kind of race you can imagine—5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and every other incarnation of running competition. Additional perks of membership include a mentorship program for triathlon newbies, monthly meetings with relevant speakers, plus heavy discounts on both bikes and equipment—save 10 percent on bikes at Big

The Calorie Counter

You’re a hard-core cardio aficionado, and you won’t stop until your BMI rivals that of an Olympic athlete. You count burned calories like they’re coins, and by the end of the day, your fitness piggy bank is spilling over.

Pack a Punch Be sure to download the theme to “Rocky” on your iPod—you’ll need all the motivation you can get prior to stepping into the ring at Sweat. Although
you won’t be sparring with a competitor during the Boxer’s Workout, you will be jumping rope, doing ab work and, of course, taking more than a few shots at the heavy bag—all the while giving calories the TKo (that’s Total Knockout to all you lightweights). 8011 Maryland Ave, Clayton, 314.725.2714.

Burn, Baby, Burn
Shark Fitness makes no excuses for being tough on its clientele, with the mindset that training is either easy or effective—never both. So, save the chit-chat foranother class because the trainers at Shark make it their mission to get you in top physical condition. Social butterflies be warned: you’ll be far too busy doing classic calisthenics like push-ups, lunges and squats (among other physically exerting maneuvers) to maintain a civilized conversation. The boot camp is a haven for the calorie counter, like you, who works out to see results—period. Multiple locations,

Get Suspended
Rock Workout’s TRX suspension training uses a system of straps to leverage the user’s body weight for resistance and is a great alternative to traditional strength training—which just happens to be the calorie counter’s worst nightmare, right? Bypass the weight room in favor of Rock’s results-driven
environment. Don’t worry, you’ll still tone and tighten nearly every muscle group (even muscles you never knew you had), but the difference with TRX is you control the intensity level of your workout, not a machine. 3001 Locust St., Midtown, 314.531.7625.

All About You
Prior to your first “official” class at crossFit St. louis, you’ll be offered a free intro
class followed by a six-session coaching series designed to teach you the basics. What can you expect once you’ve graduated to the real deal? metabolicconditioning, gymnastic movements and weight lifting to keep your body guessing, while trainers systematically increase intensity with a totally unique workout concept. 732 Hanley Industrial Court, Brentwood, 314.269.1035.

The Workaholic

Vacations, work travel and holidays might be reason enough for most people to take to the couch, but not you. You’ll work out wherever, whenever—by finding real-life solutions that enable you to make it to the gym no matter what.

Lightning Fast Between all of the client meetings and big-time projects, you’ll be glad there’s a 30-minute workout you can squeeze in three to four times a week to keep your body looking its best. The trainers at Red Fitness Lounge will personally design a challenging, results-driven workout that’s built just for you. you’ll start with a five-minute warm-up, followed by a bevy of timed circuits designed with your body in mind. each interval lasts between 30 seconds and one minute—and then it’s on to the next one. consider fitness checked off your to-do list, permanently. 139 Carondelet Plaza, Clayton, 314.497.8838.

Lunch Hour Done Right Make the most of your busy schedule by fitting in a mid-day workout. For shorter lunch hours, try one of Fitness Factory’s 30-minute sessions, like AbBlast—a low impact workout designed to strengthen and sculpt abdominals, or Fitcamp, a high-intensity sports conditioning class that increases strength, agility and speed. For longer lunch hours, melt away workday stress
with a Wednesday yoga class, conveniently held at 12:15pm. 1314 Washington Ave., Downtown, 314.241.2700.

Put Your Own Spin On It Hybrid classes should be top priority for the workaholic, which is why we love the efficiency of the Spin/core class at St. Louis Spinning. you’ll get the best of both worlds—cardio and toning in a super-charged, one-hour session. Start out with a 45-minute spin loaded with jumps, sprints and headwinds to keep you engaged and challenged. Then, finish your workout with a fast and furious
15-minute session dedicated completely to your core. 524 Hanley Industrial Court, Clayton, 314.645.7746.

One-Stop-Shop It’s the little things that tend to keep people from hitting the gym
with regularity, and the Platinum membership at Santé takes away nearly every inconvenience associated with typical gym dwelling in the city. Want convenient parking—how about valet? Sick of toting your sweaty fitness apparel to and fro—if your permanent locker space doesn’t suffice, surely the in-house (and complimentary) laundry service will meet your needs. The fact that membership is limited only makes us covet the membership even more. 212 N. Kingshighway Blvd., Central West End, 314.633.3020.

Home Sweet Home if you’ve ever dreamed of having a personal trainer in your own home, but hesitated because of your space (or lack thereof), think again. All you need is six feet of empty space in your dwelling, and you could look forward to a
50-minute full-on sweat session with a certified personal trainer from Fit by Definition. Need a plan for off days? you got it; the trainers will provide you with a personalized plan for the days they’re not around. Available for the St. Louis Metro Area only, 314.691.9580.

The Yogi

For you, life is all about the art of balance. Total health means a fit body and a healthy spirit. You exercise as much (or more) for the way it makes you feel as the way it makes you look.

Feel The Burn If you feel like you’ve mastered most other forms of traditional
yoga, give Bikram Yoga St. Louis a try—you just might find the challenge you’ve been searching for. if 90 minutes of an intense series of 26 advanced yoga poses doesn’t get your blood flowing, we don’t know what will. Add in the room, which is
liberally heated to add flexibility while simultaneously eliminating toxins, andyou’ve gone full-on Bikram style. 6630 Clayton Road, Clayton, 314.644.2226.

Relaxed & Centered
if you’re more of a laid-back yogi who lacks the hard-core, contortion-like flexibility, then this is the class for you. Restorative Yoga at Prana takes you back to the basics. you might still find a freakishly flexible patron or two, but you’ll also be
reminded of basic poses and proper alignment while concentrating on breathing and relaxation. 11771 Manchester Road, Des Peres, 314.821.2267.

Your Happy Place Roll out the yoga mat at ZFit Studio’s Pi-Yo (a yoga/pilates
fusion class) for a refreshing change of pace from other more contemplative yoga workouts. you’ll enjoy light, upbeat music while building strength, balance and agility. Pi-yo was designed to sculpt long, lean muscles and tone and trim
common problem areas. it’ll start (or end) your day feeling positive, energized and upbeat. 300 Biltmore Drive, Ste. 340, Fenton, 636.336.6648.

Cultural Connection Smooth, flowing movements are the main component of Tai Chi Chuan by the St. Louis Taoist association. Deep concentration and the quest for stillness in motion is said to balance the inner and outer practitioner, cultivating the
much sought-after mind-body connection. in addition to Tai chi chuan, The St. louis Taoist Association hosts a bevy of other classes in an effort to build the cultural awareness of Wudang Taoism in St. louis. Multiple locations, 314.740.8807.

Shake It Up
Destined to be the next fitness phenomenon, Nia is so much more than a fusion class; it’s more like a melting pot of cultural physical fitness. Nia at Pilates + Yoga Studio is all about combining movements from  martial arts, dance and yoga while putting a fun, high-energy, Zumba-like spin on it. People of all skill levels can
enjoy this no-impact cardio dance workout, and you’ll get as intense of a workout as you choose. 1015 McCausland Ave., Dogtown, 314.781.5050. Bikram Yoga St. Louis

The Social Butterfly

You like to work out, but you love to hang out…with, well, anyone. That’s why you choose group workouts over going solo any day of the week. The studio is your playground, but in the summer, you’re happy to move the party outdoors for a little fun in the sun.

Net Assets Every social butterfly gets a little stir-crazy waiting for the weekend. inject a little midweek reprieve into your life with Wednesday night sand volleyball, hosted by st. Louis sports and social Club. Held at Shaw Park, the casually competitive atmosphere is the perfect place to meet—ahem—”new friends.” (Did we mention it’s co-ed?) The seven-week sessions end in celebratory playoffs that result in major bragging rights for the winners and free beer for all. Bring your own team, or sign up solo. Must be 21 to join.

Get Sassy Shaking your booty is so much more fun with a group of girlfriends, right? Bring your own, or go solo; chances are, you’ll meet a great group of ladies either way at the sassy classes by FitChix Fitness studio. Bonding comes easy when you’re sliding down a pole (or struggling to climb up one). But, no worries, this supportive, encouraging environment makes self-consciousness a
thing of the past. Sexy classes include chair dance, cardio stripfit/pole dancing and burlesquefit. Multiple locations,

Rhythm Nation Zumba at ZFit studio is kind of like one big dance party that’s
perfect for the social butterfly. The only difference is each Zumba move is specifically designed to sculpt your body into a taut, toned dancing machine.
upbeat latin rhythms keep your motivation running high, while fellow Zumba enthusiasts will inspire you to rigorously shake what your mama gave you. ZFit offers a few variations on traditional Zumba, including a beginner’s class for those new to the fitness trend and a class designed specifically for toning. 300 Biltmore Drive, Ste. 340, Fenton, 636.336.6648.

Groupies Dying to shed a few pounds, but hate to miss out on hanging with the gang? Bring them with you for a semi-private group personal training session. you’ll still get all the perks of personal training—like a custom program designed just for your group, plus major face time with a trainer—but you’ll also save considerable cash by splitting costs with your cohorts. lacking an entourage? The trainers at Complete Fitness Results will be happy to form a small group for you, which is a great way to meet a new fitness-minded friend and future workout partner. 2202 S. Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood, 314.402.2238.

A Leg Up The cure to aerobic overload, the Dailey method focuses on deep, efficient muscle fitness with much attention paid to a neutral spine position. your posture (and core) will reap the benefits of using a ballet barre to perform a series of fluid, yoga-like movements to gain strength and flexibility. The relaxed social environment makes forging new friendships a breeze, and light, after-class chit-chat a necessity. 1560 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Ladue, 314.569.9073.



The Thrill Seeker




The Workaholic


The Yogi


The Social Butterfly


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