The Best Websites To Read Your 2016 Horoscope

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It’s a new year and the universe has so much in store for you! Whether you are wanting a sneak peek into the characteristics of your sun sign, looking to make a big career move or are just curious about what 2016 will have to offer, here is a list of great websites to check out to get a little view on what’s ahead in a new astrological year:

Photo by Jake Hills.

Photo by Jake Hills.

1/ Cafe Astrology: For a great overall source for yearly and monthly horoscopes, I love to use Cafe Astrology for a general overview that allows me to really see which aspects are connected to my life. It also breaks down your sun sign into three different date ranges to make the forecast even more accurate.
Hint: This is a great site ran by real professional astrologers, so if you are looking to look more into your full chart, this is the place to start!

2/ What I love about this site is that it’s an entertaining read and gives you a more “user-friendly” summary of your year ahead. It also breaks things down into categories (like romance and career) so you can get straight to the point for any specifics. Hint: It’s fun to play around with the other offerings on this site as well, including Chinese Astrology and Numerology.

3/ Sun Signs: Sun Signs takes a more broad approach to the yearly horoscope but I like how the site links to additional informational articles that relate to the tips and advice given for every sign.
Hint: The “Home Remedies” tab has a ton of great links to articles that offer tips, suggestions and best solutions for healthy food ideas, options and wellness.

4/ Horoscopes x Tarot: This site provides a different take on the offerings of the other sites, diving into only the most significant points of interests and comparing them to actual situations that even take your everyday connections into account.
Hint: The “Dreams” tab provides information on dream interpretation as well as tips on how to best record and learn from your dreams.

Want to brush up on astrology terms and basics? View this post by professional astrologer Barry Kerr for more!

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