The Best of The Great White North Heads South

 In Food

Canadian whiskeys have been taking a back seat to other styles for a while, but that’s about to change if Canadian Club has anything to say about it. The brand, long one of the premiere Canadian whiskey portfolios, is launching a new promotional push to get the smooth spirit back into the forefront, and St. Louis has been chosen as one of the first markets to be targeted. In addition to its flagship Canadian Club 6-Year Old/Premium, the brand will also be pushing such offerings as its Classic 12-Year Old, Reserve 10-Year Old and Sherry Cask for more discerning whiskey and cocktail aficionados, along with Dock 57, a blackberry-infused spirit designed to appeal to all of those flavored vodka drinkers out there. Several area venues will be offering CC specials and other promotions in the coming weeks and months, and the Moolah Theater will be screening new commercials before some of its movies featuring a mustachioed man-of-the-world type doling out masculine advice while sipping Canadian Club.

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