Tennessee's Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors Hit The Ready Room STL April 20

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Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors are hitting the Ready Room on April 20. Drew Holcomb is one of America’s rising talents as he continues to put out honest, well-written records. The group made its national TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live, were chosen as one of the 30 best under-the-radar country records of the year by Rolling Stone, and received some NPR love alongside the likes of other breakout artists Courtney Barnett and Matthew E. White.

Drew Holcomb’s songs have appeared on a number of  major television programs such as, “How I Met Your Mother,” “Criminal Minds” and “Parenthood”—not to mention the band’s most recent album, “Medicine,” landed among the top 5 folk albums on the Billboard charts. Catch Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors at this intimate STL venue while you can, because I have a feeling they will be selling out much larger venues in the future. Check out this moving live performance here, and learn more about Drew Holcomb in the Q+A below!

DHTN Medicine

Where did you get your start performing?
As a senior in college at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, playing in bars downtown.

How does having a band differ from how you started out as a solo artist?
It creates a lot more paint on the sonic landscape, and teaches me to stretch musically in a way that I could not on my own.

You’ve had your music reach a lot of different television shows. Was there one in particular that you were most proud of? Why?
Probably the use of “Live Forever” on NBC’s “Parenthood.” It’s an honor to be on a show that uses Bob Dylan as the theme song and that is produced by Ron Howard, who is an American treasure.

Is your daughter Emmylou musical? Does she have young dreams of following in your footsteps?
Yeah, she is as musical as any 3-year-old can be, I guess. She loves to sing, dance, bang on a big plastic drum and bang on the kids’ piano.

How does “Medicine” compare to past albums?
We recorded it live which is different than our previous albums, and I wrote the whole album alone.

Drew Holcomb by Eric Ryan Anderson

Photo by Eric Ryan Anderson

Which songs have people been connecting with most? Can you speak on a couple from the album?
Probably “American Beauty,” “Here We Go” and “Shine Like Lightning”

Like most of my albums, there is a lot of autobiography. I love how using your own narrative to tell stories connects with strangers about their stories and lives. That is a lot about what this album is about.

Where did you find inspiration while writing the songs for this album? 
A lot of this album was built around our community, and what our friends and family were walking through at the time. I also try to be a thoughtful observer of what is going on around me, which requires a lot of listening.

How do you typically go about writing lyrically? Sonically?
I usually start with a rhythmic or melodic idea and go to a journal where I collect words and phrases and ideas and then build from there.

Where does Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors hope to be in five years? Any long term goals?
We just want to keep making music we believe in and playing shows to fans who have let our music into their lives. We love where we are, but feel like we are just getting started.

Are you playing any festivals this summer and/or do you have anything exciting on the books?
We throw our own music festival in Memphis, the Moon River Music Festival, that I started in 2014. This will be our third year, moving to a 3-day festival in early October. It is going to be a lot bigger and better than before. I also curate a monthly record club on vinyl, so I am always looking for great records to release.

Have you been to St. Louis before? Anything you’d like to say to your St. Louis fans?
I love St. Louis. I grew up just down the river in Memphis and always felt a kinship to St. Louis when we came as a kid. We have toured here a few times over the years and are looking forward to being back to this great gateway city.

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