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A fun-loving duo bucked tradition and reutrend to St. Louis to create a wedding celebration that was uniquely there own


Brittany Barton 28, Project Manager, Merida Meridian

Scott Ginsberg 33, Writer and Speaker, HELLO. My Name is Scott

THEIR STORY Brittany Barton and Scott Ginsberg have a thoroughly 21st-century romance. They met on after Brittany “winked” at Scott, and they began trading emails to get to know each other. They met in person for the first time at Coffee Cartel in the Central West End. Scott brought Brittany a book on architecture that he had inscribed, and they quickly found that conversation came naturally as they spent the evening walking around the neighborhood. Brittany says she knew he was the one on their third date, at Tani in Clayton, when they were walking through the rain and almost got struck by lightning—something that had happened to her parents when they were dating. At that moment, she knew fate had brought them together. Brittany planned a trip to Washington, D.C., one year for the Cherry Blossom Festival, and as the couple was strolling along the National Mall sightseeing, Scott told her he wanted to share something he’d written in his journal. He pulled out a gorgeous leather-bound book and began reading, “What You Mean to Me.” Scott had filled 20 pages with notes and sketches describing how much he cared for Brittany. It ended by asking her to marry him. Her response was to be marked by one of three boxes: yes, no or maybe. She checked yes, and the couple spent the rest of the day exploring the capital as a newly engaged couple.

TOSSING TRADITION The most important thing to Scott and Brittany when planning their wedding was that the affair fit their personalities, both as a couple and individuals. Though they both live in Brooklyn now, they decided to bring their nuptials to St. Louis, the city where they fell in love. The ceremony was held in Forest Park under an old oak tree near The Muny. The location was a no-brainer for the couple because of their mutual love of nature and its proximity to their old neighborhood. They chose the St. Louis Artists’ Guild for the reception—a venue they’d visited for a date once and adored its artistic and historic presence. Not wanting to pick any favorites from among their friends and family, the couple decided to forgo a bridal party altogether. Instead, they encouraged everyone to decorate their own nametags, paying homage to Scott’s career as an author and corporate speaker (he wears his own tag 24/7). The couple also gathered their guests for a breathing meditation before the ceremony to honor the Bikram yoga practice they share.

CUSTOM CREATED Shortly after Scott and Brittany announced their engagement, a friend of Brittany’s from high school who now works as a fashion designer got in touch and offered to create her gown. Brittany jumped at the chance, and together they came up with a form-fitting design completely covered in white sequins with cinched detail on the bodice. Scott wore a simple slate suit and, of course, a nametag bearing his name.

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Creating an environmentally friendly celebration was also important to the duo, since Brittany works as a sustainability consultant. Floral arrangements came from the organic Wild Flower Farm and all cups were compostable. Scott’s family handcrafted glitter ribbon wands for everyone to wave, and guests threw compostable heart-shaped confetti as the couple walked down the aisle. Catering St. Louis helped Scott and Brittany ensure that all of their food, served cocktail-style, was local and organic with vegetables from EarthDance Farms. The couple decided against a traditional cake, choosing instead to serve desserts from Kakao Chocolate and an assortment of their favorite cookies. Even Brittany’s ring was crafted from recycled materials—and Scott’s from meteorite.

THE ENTERTAINERS Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” was popular when Scott and Brittany first started dating, so it was a fitting choice for the couple’s first dance. At the reception, Scott performed several original songs he’d written for his new bride and led a sing-along with all 150 guests. The couple also recorded a live version of the monthly podcast they began after moving to New York, to share their special day with those who weren’t able to attend.


4756_1534.jpgBrittany Barton and Scott Ginsberg, photos by Beauvide Photography







Photo credit: Beauvide Photography

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