Switch It Up: How Making Small Changes Helped One Woman Lose 140 Pounds

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When Becky Cutright was 25 years old, she had a meeting with a co-worker and had to ascend a set of stairs. By the time she reached the top of the staircase, she was out of breath. “That was the last straw. I couldn’t breathe. My chest of shaking. I was humiliated and that was the first time I was seriously worried about my health,” she says.

Shortly after that incident, she started making small changes in her diet and exercise routine that would ultimately lead to her losing half of her body weight. About 140 pounds later, Cutright is a completely new woman on a mission to share her story.

Photo courtesy of Becky Cutright
Photo courtesy of Becky Cutright

ALIVE: After that encounter with the stairs, did you start trying to be healthier the next day? Or did it take longer?

Becky Cutright: I actually don’t remember when I started. It was pretty soon after. I had tried to lose weight in the past but unfortunately, it wasn’t about getting healthy, it was about getting skinny. It was shallow and it was never about health. That’s why I was able to get it together this time. I did a ton of research and learned how to eat better. I knew if I made healthy choices, the weight would come off. So, that became the game plan. I made small changes like cutting out soda and I lost 50 pounds. When I hit a plateau, I knew I needed to start exercising. So I did and more weight came off. Figuring out how to make healthy choices I could sustain for the rest of my life was key. Fad diets and pills are not my personality.

ALIVE: What was a major motivator?

BC: I didn’t even realize how bad I had felt. When the weight started to come off, I felt so much better. I could stay awake longer, I could do more and that felt amazing. Simply losing the weight was the main motivator. Being able to shop at the same stores my friends shopped at and getting compliments from people felt wonderful. After I had dropped a significant amount of weight, I went to the doctor for a routine check-up and the doctor explained that my stats were better. Knowing that my health overall had improved became a huge motivator.

Photo courtesy of Becky Cutright

Photo courtesy of Becky Cutright

ALIVE: Now that you’ve conquered this huge hurtle, what’s next?

BC: Weight has been something that I have had to closely manage my whole life. I know that I emotionally eat, even now. I love to cook so my new goals include finding more healthy recipes. Sharing my journey with others is also something I strive to do. When I set out to do this, I was really vocal about it on social media to keep myself accountable. I didn’t even realize how it would affect people. People have told me that I’m the reason they get up early in the morning to run. Knowing the I inspire people, inspires me.

This month, Cutright is featured in The Good Life magazine and today she was interviewed on KPLR Channel 11 about her weight loss experience.

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