Swing Heard Around The World

 In Culture

April 6 brought a crowd of eager, ready and armed St. Louisans to the battleground of Cricket Field for the second annual International Pillow Fight Day. It was a beautiful afternoon for releasing pent-up energy by swinging a pillow at random strangers.

This is the the second time STL Improv Anywhere has hosted International Pillow Fight Day in St. Louis and this year’s battle started with a poof. With pillows in tow (one participant even brought a giant stuffed polar bear), the event ushered in participants of all different ages, personalities and races, decked out in a variety of costumes that could have qualified as a small Halloween party.

The organizers spiced up the reckless pillow-swinging by providing participants with fun (and sometimes difficult) pillow fight challenges. The challenges had participants flying through the air and twirling around like ballerinas, moving in slow motion and pillow fighting while balancing on one leg—which I must admit was more difficult than it sounds!

Seeing strangers unafraid to hit other strangers, all in the name of fun, was quite entertaining and reassured me that my mighty swings at fellow pillow fighters were not to be taken too seriously. The battlefield was filled with laughter as everyone let his or her inner child out to play. True to a slumber party tradition, the fight ended with everyone collapsing for a well needed nap (all those pillows came in handy)—the perfect ending for a joyful battle.

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