Sunday, Bloody Sunday

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Brunch’s latest pairing is best enjoyed through a straw.


Brunch lovers, rejoice! Three of St. Louis’ Sunday morning brunch spots are upping the ante with a spirited twist on the traditional buffet—the Bloody Mary bar. From straight-up to dressed-up, with celery or shrimp, these local offerings have all the do-it-yourself fixings to make your Sunday mornings more enjoyable—whether you’re nursing a hard-earned hangover, celebrating a special occasion or just taking in the sights and sounds of the city.

Sweet ‘n Spicy
Known for its fantastic brunch buffet, Vin de Set has sweetened the deal with an over-the-top Bloody Mary spread. Offered Sundays from 10am to 2pm, the do-it-yourself bar is just as popular with the after-church crowd as the special occasion celebrants, so come as you are and belly up bar side, or grab a seat on the patio; just don’t miss the liquid buffet. Featuring bacon, shrimp and bleu-cheese-stuffed olives, as well as a wide variety of pickled veggies, Vin de Set has left no stone unturned, even for the most sophisticated of palates. In addition to the veggies, meats and cheeses, you can also doctor your drink with the house-made green chili and Thai pepper sauces for an added dose of sweet and spicy. Once you’ve finished your custom concoction, make your way out to the patio and soak in amazing skyline views while enjoying your made-to-order breakfast, sip by sip.

Homegrown Hideaway
Bloody Marys have long been recognized as the hangover cure de jour, and if you’re in need of a little hair of the dog, head straight to The Scottish Arms. The Central West End haunt is the perfect place to see and be seen, or completely hide out. Pull on a baseball cap and nestle into a dark corner booth to enjoy your palliative in privacy, or rock your shades in public on the inviting outdoor patio. On Sundays from 10am to 3pm, you’ll find more than 20 varieties of barbecue and hot sauce, in addition to a wide variety of vegetables harvested from the backyard garden. Stack your skewer with homegrown okra, Brussels sprouts, beets and baby corn to accompany your choice of vodka topped with Zing Zang. If Bloody Marys aren’t your thing, fear not. The Arms offers a full-service brunch and bottomless mimosas for the faint of heart.

Bacon Bonanza

New to the Bloody Mary game is Terrace View in St. Louis’ Citygarden. Soak in the ambiance of this urban oasis with a Bloody Mary experience unlike any other. In addition to the standard brunch fare, you’ll find a sensational selection at the bar, featuring homemade mix made with fresh-squeezed tomato juice, garlic, beer and a top-secret blend of spices. On Sundays from 10:30am to 3pm, enjoy local organic veggies, a mind-blowing selection of stuffed and marinated olives (think chardonnay, feta and jalapeño) and the fan favorite, black mushrooms. The house-infused garlic and bacon vodkas take this traditional cocktail to a whole new level. And, if you like the bacon vodka, stay on the lookout for the summer arrival of the bacon straw (you heard right), coming soon. With indoor and outdoor seating, Terrace View provides refuge from summer heat—and late Saturday nights.



Signature Bloody Mary at Vin de Set

Signature Bloody Mary at Vin de Set


The Scottish Arms


Terrace View

Terrace View


Photo credit: Photos by Daniel Darkside

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